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  1. C}{rono}{unter

    Horrible Doom Movie Poster Revealed

    Why the hell is there counterstrike on a DooM poster? Someone got their arse fired over this...
  2. C}{rono}{unter

    Teaser Trailer For Some Movie

    Hey! That new DooM movie trailor looked great! And this just in! Our next president is going to be some Jewish Black Lesbian! Yeah, that trailor was weak... DSM should have gone to hollywood, and switched the writer's script with his own. That would have been sweet.
  3. C}{rono}{unter

    Ati readeon 9600 pro help?

    True. The 9600 series has only 4 renduring pipelines, while the 9500 has 8. While the 9600 series has dramatically higher clocks and a newer core, the 9600xt is the only 9600 series card that can come close to beating a 9500 series card.
  4. C}{rono}{unter

    TLSXCTF is coming....

    It has finally been completed...after 3 long months... GO GET IT! http://www.angelfire.com/games3/icedoomclan/TLSXCTF1.zip *Note: -If the download does not work, it may not be completely uploaded yet -Right click ont he link and select "save target as" (or equivilant) to start file download.
  5. C}{rono}{unter

    TLSXCTF is coming....

    Right click the link, and it should work. Right click and click "save tagret as" or whatever... works for me...
  6. C}{rono}{unter

    TLSXCTF is coming....

    Hey all! C}{rono here with some good news: THE LAST STRIKE EXTREME CTF IS IN ITS FINAL STAGE! Simply put, this means we are having a beta test today on Zdaemon CTF with 16 players. The beta test will begin between 3pm and 4pm Pacific time. The final beta will be uploaded to the TLSDM webpage with a link to download (http://www.chronosdoomsource.cjb.net). Please beware that this site DOES have ads and pop-ups and shit. So fi you do visit, please use a built-in pop-up blocker, or you can use the direct link to the file here: http://www.angelfire.com/games3/icedoomclan/TLSXCTF_beta.zip I if have not made myself clear, this beta test is open to ANYONE. The final project will be released tonight on Newstuff, and the final version will be uploaded to the website I mentioned above. Hope to see you guys there!
  7. =D!!!! Lemme go try!!! <---sarcasm Does anyone know if there is a secret ending? Like in max payne2 or in RPG games? That would rock if there was...
  8. Does anyone REALLY know fi the ending is changed from this? I may just try it when I start the game on veteran mode...
  9. C}{rono}{unter

    anime TC?

    Dude, it's over already. Leave it alone. LOL =D
  10. C}{rono}{unter

    anime TC?

    Does my lone opinion actually bother you that much? Do you have to insult someone when they produce their own opinion/experience? I just don't like that hentai crap. The stuff that I have seen is really horrible. I doubt anyone here wants to see a bunch of girls getting raped by aliens or tentacles... And so what if all hentai isn't that bad? I was giving my opinion from my own experience. Is it really something to start an argument over? I think not... Drop it already... I have.
  11. C}{rono}{unter

    anime TC?

    What does the above that you stated have to do with hentai? Do you really think I believe/think all the crap you just said? I'm not gonna even bother starting a flamewar over what that, because you just proved that you are an asshole. Gimme a break...
  12. C}{rono}{unter

    Question about the Ending (obviously contains spoilers)

    I would like to know if anyone got a different ending fromt he uplink point. I just beat doom3 today, but I had made the choice of sending the transmission for reinforcements. I wonder what would have happened if I aborted... Anyways. I wanted to see that some heros made it out alive besides the doom guy. I think it would have been better if the minor characters made it out to greet with the doom guy once again. They would also have been witnesses to how the doom guy saved the world. I mean, honestly, do you think anyone is going to believe him? Considering that all of the monsters have disappeared and that the PDA information that you have is kidna sketchy and that the whole facility looks like a nuke went off, do you think they'd actually belive it all? I would like to add as well that the tablet idea was pure gold. Seeing the classic marine on the tablet fighting off the hordes of demons was sheer genius. It makes you think that you are that guy reincarnated to save the human race once more. The soul cube idea was genius as well. Although I do wish I could have fought the cybie with normal weapons. =/ All in all, the game was spectacular. The ending should have been different, but that's about all I can really put against it. To me, the whole game felt like a fucked up version of zelda, which really rocked! I'd like to think of doom3 now as zelda, but with a more futuristic approach. Yeah I know...it sounds dumb... =/ Great Game!
  13. C}{rono}{unter

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    No, you ust be at least 17...not 18... The game rating of M should say something like "for mature" or "17+". 17 is the ISA of game/movie/porn ratings. M = 17+ NC-17 = 17+ XXX = 17+ (mature) [EDIT] I am 17, and I have been playing Doom3, but nothing has scared me yet. I see stuff in the game that makes me go "this is fucked up", but never makes me panic or wanna close the game. I don't understand why either. Horror movies usually eat way at me, but doom just doesn't...why, I am not sure I will ever know...
  14. C}{rono}{unter

    The end of E1M8 - theories

    I must say, I really do agree with this... The doom novels are fanfictions, just like how community projects that re-tell the doom story from another point of view are. To be honest, I have never read the novels, but I have read a lot of fanfictions one the less (the ones created by dsm are very good, I sometimes find myself re-reading his 2 fanfictions on planetdoom.com (read them, they are very good). I would have to agree that the story should be shallow, and that we are looking too deeply into this. We have already created sub-categories off of this subject, even a couple of test wads proving some engine capabilities/story possibilities. The lack of a focused story is what makes doom. Imagination is better than any book, story, film, game, whatever. Why else do you think so many people make fan fiction? Hell, doom just douldn't be doom if it didn't lack a focused story. DooM pwns all!
  15. C}{rono}{unter

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    Back in 1995 was when I first played DooM... Intel Pentium Pro 133mhz 32mb ram 2gb HDD SB AWE64 sound card (best sound card ever) Aopen superVGA graphics accelerator DooM was so scary back then...everytime I played, I played on "I'm too young to die" and always killed mtyself with the rocket launcher on e1m4 from the pinky at the blue key door...come to think of it, I didn't even know that there was a run key...