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  1. Tarik

    Now you may download Tribute To Doom

    I've made screenshot gallery on tribute.web1000.com
  2. Tarik

    Now you may download Tribute To Doom

    Tribute To Doom is a total conversation of Duke. We made doom atmosphere on duke engine. Screenshots avaliable on infernaldomain.web1000.com. You need nothing to run TTD, this patch has all you need. See our page for information.
  3. You may download TTD Beta from tribute.web1000.com this link will be avaliable for a 1.5 week.
  4. 8)))) No, admin close it, because we post "warez" here.
  5. Sorry, i was down about two days So, now i realy knew what happened with our hosting, it was close because we post TTD there, you was right. Today Gothic comes back from Chehiya, and i think we will take new hosting in two days, we have 100% garanty what it will not be closed, because this is russian server.So i mail you then it will be done.
  6. I have no access to upload screen shots on it.
  7. What can you advice me? Give me more stuff like a sergant drinking vodka... We want to place some jokes in our maps.
  8. Can you wait for a week? My inet card come to an and, soon we open our hosting, I post TTD there.
  9. This is non comercial project.
  10. Duke3d give us ability to create realy beautyfull maps. What can y said about blood in duke, we use some gfx of blood from doom, we made some gfx on photoshop, sprites to be visible on screen in one time are limited, the removed from level in same time.
  11. ? 8) Wanna see the screenshots?
  12. So, our team create a new Doom port based on Duke3d.exe ;) We call it Tribute To Doom, now our site is down, but soon we'll get a new hosting. And we made big doom resource. What is TTD: We take all gfx&sfx from original doom. We create new episode with our own maps. TTD is realy bloody game, when you shoot at corpse it bloods 8E~~~. You can see pink demon, eating the corpse. And so on. Are you realy intrested on it? Ps. Sorry for my bad english :)