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  1. Hert Malker

    Not enough points for the great episodes!

    But can't they get 4.5 stars atleast?
  2. Why do all of the recent great Doom I/II episodes (I'm primarily talking abouth Nilla Doon, Titan, Phobos Revisited, and Simply Phobos) only have 4-star ratings in the /idgames archive? I think all 4 of them get an easy 5-star, or at least 4.5-star rating and they all currently have only 4.0-star ratings. Please bump all of their ratings up to at least 4.5-star ratings (I can't, as I've already rated them) or explain to me why you think they may all only be getting 4.0 stars. Thanks!
  3. Hert Malker

    Wolf3d sprites > Doom 1/2 sprites

    Why won't Map05 of Hellcore work with ZDoom?
  4. Hert Malker

    Favorite wad from the author

    I listed these authors because they were the main ones to pop up in my head, they are commonly known for, I like/love them all, and I didn't want the list to get overly long.
  5. Hert Malker

    Favorite wad from the author

    What is your favorite wad (so far) from each of these well known authors? (For the wad to be usable, the author has to have made at least 80% (4/5) of the wad's levels). Also, to avoid retyping the author's names, you can refer each author to the nomber I have before it. 1. Paul Corfiatis 2. Chris Hansen 3. Rex Claussen 4. Erik Alm 5. The Chaos Crew (Chris Lutz and/or Nokturnus) 6. Russell Pearson 7. Wad from several (at least 5) different authors 8. Favorite wad ever
  6. Hert Malker

    Arch Ville-- The bastard...

    My favorite Doom megawad is Alien Vendetta.
  7. Hert Malker

    Phobos Revisited available for download

    Well, it is a pretty good wad. It does seem like a little too much of a copy of the original E1 for my taste, but it is worth downloading.
  8. Hert Malker

    Community Chest 2 Progress

    Thanks for telling me! This thread will now be closed and I will use the CC2 forum section for questions about this.
  9. Hert Malker

    Community Chest 2 Progress

    What is the current progress of the upcoming CC2 megawad? Is it still planned to be released on Halloween (or 26 days from today)?
  10. Hert Malker

    Scythe II Progress

    What is the current progress report for the soon-to-be-released (hopefully) Scythe II megawad and about when do you expect it to be released? Also, are the levels going to be small and simple as in the original Scythe, or will they be bigger and more advanced?
  11. Hert Malker

    Favorite indivisual Doom level ever

    Over the past 2 years or so, since I've been reading these forums (I didn't join them until just about a week ago though), I seen numerous posts about people's favorite wad, including some that I made over the past few days. But I now have a slightly different type of question. My question is - What indivisual Doom level (I or II only) is your absolute favorite level ever? The level you answer with can either be in the form of a single-level wad, or can be ONE level out of a multiple-level wad/megawad. If it is a single-level wad, please answer with the name of the wad. It it is a level from a multiple-level wad/megawad, please specify the name of the wad it is from and either the specific name of the level (you can only do this if the level has a different name that its original Doom I/II level name) or the map number you have to warp to once in the wad to get to that level (for Doom I go e_m_, for Doom II go map__). Also, please give at least a short explanation for why it is your favorite. My answer (use as an example if necassary): Alien Vendetta map20, because if is gigantic, sticks extremely well to a very rare Egyption theme, is a good challenge, and looks and plays brilliant all the way through. It doesn't even need a source port, but in my opinion, it is of a standard that is nearly inpossible to beat.
  12. Hert Malker

    Phobos: Anomaly Reborn - What gameplay problems?

    I already have played the wad.
  13. When looking at several places, I've seen that a common review for the popular Phobos: Anomaly Reborn often says that the looks are some of the best ever, but the gameplay leaves something to be desired. I disagree - I think that P:AR's gameplay is very good. So my question - what exactly do you thing is wrong with the gameplay of P:AR? I don't want any of you to lie when you're answering this - I'm hoping that after reading you're responses, I can go back into the wad and see if I really think something is wrong with the gameplay. Thanks!
  14. Hert Malker

    Which is best and which is worst?

    You're welcome, Use3d - I mentioned your set because I thought it was very well done. Very hard, good looking, and 7 fun levels. Also, I've seen at least 3 people, if not more, place Titan as last place and say it is overrated. I do not agree, Titan is an astonishing peice of work IMO. What do you think is wrong with Titan?
  15. Hert Malker

    Favorite Wad Of 2004 So Far

    HR2 was technically released in 2003.