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  1. Hellscream

    Fatal1ty @ Quakecon

    tonic: "I think its a good idea to have girls there. I mean most of those people at those kind of events probably had no social life whatsoever and never really got around girls." You are prejudiced against those kind of people...Sad...
  2. Hellscream

    What did you like most?

    Two words... Fat + Zombies... :) The new design of our enemies is great, and the lighting is just perfect...Nice atmosphere too... What I like the most? : Doom3 Nothing less, nothing more...
  3. Hellscream

    Your honest opinion required...

    DSM : " GREAT weapon sounds. The reloading sounds in particular are really sweet and coupled with excellent animations, they feel truly like real weapons. I don't understand why people complain about "weak machinegun sounds" - are they expecting a fucking autocannon? It sounds appropriate for a small, low-calibre submachinegun and it really has a satisfying rattling sound when it fires. The shotgun sounds are perfect." I think that you never used real fire weapons : a real shotgun does a lot more noise than that...Idem for the pistol and the submachinegun...Trent Reznor sounds are a lot more realistics...So I use the sound pack...
  4. Hellscream

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    Epistax : "All of us have. Only you haven't. You suck at life." Very stupid and immature comment...
  5. Hellscream

    Anyone have the full list of how to spawn demons?

  6. Hellscream

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    Indeed, I tried myself, sorry, it doesn't works...
  7. Hellscream

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    Link doesn't works :D
  8. Hellscream

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    id Software PDA In the final level, Excavation Site, after going down the elevator into Hell, stick to the left wall. Make sure to stay to the left, or the final cutscene will trigger. You should come to a dead end with candles barely lighting a brick with the id logo in the center. Click this brick and a wall will open to your left. Walk inside the room to find the id Software PDA containing "Thank You" emails from the staff. Classic God Code Egg Open up the console using Ctrl+A+~ and type iddqd. You'll get a secret message. Super Turkey Puncher 3 When you start the game, go through out the game and find the kitchen before 'all hell breaks loose' and in the corner of the kitchen you'll find an arcade game...On the screen is the face of the original Doom character...And he also makes the same faces when you punch and kill the turkey... Get a highscore of 25,000 or higher to get a mail on your PDA. But...I have one question...Sorry but I'm from Belgium and I can't understand what "dopefish" mean...
  9. Hellscream

    Spawning Demons

    Go to console and type : Fat zombie: spawn monster_zombie_fat "Yellow Jacket" Zombie: spawn monster_zombie_maint Chaingun Zombie: spawn monster_zombie_commando_cgun Tentacle Zombie: spawn monster_zombie_commando Imp: spawn monster_demon_imp Pinky Demon: spawn monster_demon_pinky Trite demon: spawn monster_demon_trite Maggot demon: spawn monster_demon_maggot Hellknight demon: spawn monster_demon_hellknight Tick demon: spawn monster_demon_tick Arch-Vile demon: spawn monster_demon_archvile Mancubus demon: spawn monster_demon_mancubus Flying Cacodemon: spawn monster_flying_cacodemon Pistol: spawn weapon_pistol BFG 9000: spawn weapon_bfg Shotgun: spawn weapon_shotgun Chaingun: spawn weapon_chaingun Machinegun: spawn weapon_machinegun Rocket Launcher: spawn weapon_rocketlauncher Plasma Rifle: spawn weapon_plasmagun Soul Cube: spawn weapon_soulcube Cyberdemon: spawn monster_boss_cyberdemon Spawns a cherub: spawn monster_demon_cherub Spawns an imp that starts out in crawling position: spawn monster_demon_imp_crawler Spawns an imp in a weird position, doesnt move: spawn monster_demon_imp_crawl_armdoor Spawns a revenant: spawn monster_demon_revenant Spawns a lostsoul, sorta low to the ground: spawn monster_flying_lostsoul Spawns a flaming Bernie zombie: spawn monster_zombie_bernie Spawns a strong, boney zombie: spawn monster_zombie_boney Spawns the hell boss, the Guardian: spawn monster_boss_guardian Spawns the floating blue thing above the Guardian: spawn monster_boss_guardian_spawner Spawns the Guardian's Seeker: spawn monster_boss_guardian_seeker Spawns an immobile, untouchable, unremovable Maledict, the thing you see in the ending cinematic of the game. There is no point in this one: spawn monster_boss_maledict_cinematic Spawns Sabaoth: spawn monster_boss_sabaoth Spawns Vagary: spawn monster_boss_Vagary spawns campbell holding his bfg case: spawn char_campbell_bfgcase spawns the evil betruger: spawn char_betruger spawns swann: spawn char_swann spawns campbell holding...nothing!: spawn char_campbell spawns a hazard suit scientist: spawn char_hazmat spawns campbell holding bfg: spawn char_campbell_bfg spawns a bloody spine: spawn env_gibs_spine spawns a bloody human torso: spawn env_gibs_torso spawns a bloody leg: spawn env_gibs_leftleg (or right) spawns a bloody arm: spawn env_gibs_leftarm (or right) chair: spawn moveable_chair (1,2 or 5) table: spawn moveable_ktable computer: spawn moveable_computer base: spawn moveable_base_fixed barrel: spawn moveable_base_barrel domino: spawn moveable_base_domino boulder: spawn moveable_base_boulder open burger box: spawn moveable_burgerboxopen closed burger box: spawn moveable_burgerboxclose wad of paper: spawn moveable_paperwad burger: spawn moveable_burger base brick: spawn moveable_base_brick wrench: spawn moveable_wrench base: spawn moveable_base canister: spawn moveable_cannister laptop: spawn moveable_blaptop carton: spawn moveable_cartonbox (1-8) coke can: spawn moveable_cokecan monitor: spawn moveable_monitor gizmo: spawn moveable_gizmo (1-3) weapons: spawn moveable_item_(any weapon here) armed guard: spawn_marscity_marine_helmet_p90_walking guard with a pistol: spawn_char_security_goggles_pistol oxygen tank that explodes when shot: spawn_moveable_burningtank oxygen tank that explodes when shot: spawn_moveable_explodingtank highly explosive barrel: spawn_moveable_burningbarrel explosive barrel: spawn_moveable_explodingbarrel
  10. Hellscream

    Report paranormal stuff here

    "My preciousssss..."
  11. Hellscream

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    I really like the new Imp design, and their fireballs make some great lighting effects...I like the cacodemon too, but I think my favorite creature is the Imp. Guardian is probably my favorite boss...
  12. Hellscream

    Doom Monster Rivalries

  13. Hellscream

    Doom Monster Rivalries

    DMFDxUconn ; If you're speaking about the tower of the snwoy bridge, simply use the "bunny jump"... You can look at http://www.painkillerhell.com/ or at http://www.painkiller-secrets.fr.st/ too... And yes, Doom 3 and Painkiller are two really good fps ; the first is most "survival-horror" oriented, the second is most "old-school fps" oriented, but both are good in their style...
  14. Hellscream

    Keyboard problems

    Thank you dude, I'll try it...
  15. Hellscream

    Keyboard problems

    lol I know that, man, I'm playing fps since I'm 16... But when I want to change, the game set "shift" as default key, instead of the key I selected...Strange...