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  1. Saint_of_Killers

    Sprite progress

    Just a word to say I've finished the barebone animation of the Demon, now I'm going to color him
  2. Saint_of_Killers

    Sprite progress

    I've got another big slowdown, but I'm working on this sprite
  3. Saint_of_Killers

    A few changes

    White/Black artifacts: Do you know what is a Columbus Egg? That is.... About Hi-res sprites: I was joust thinking about this, only I dunno if the allmighty Jakko is implementing this feature into his wonderful engine. By the way I have all the original scans of my sprites stored in large format in 24 bit...
  4. Saint_of_Killers

    A few changes

    I need long time, but I'm working on the demon (sent preview to the project site)
  5. Saint_of_Killers

    A few changes

    Finished examen's time. I'm back for good! May I make the Demon?
  6. Saint_of_Killers

    freedoom map naming

    All the map names are graphic images in the wad, so thei can be changed according to the map's authors
  7. Saint_of_Killers

    Project name poll

  8. Saint_of_Killers


  9. Saint_of_Killers

    Marry Christmas to the staff!!!!!

    Maybe it's off-topic, but I've always wished to wish something to a staff....!
  10. Saint_of_Killers

    Project name poll

    my idea was in fact to render splash screen without a logo or other words, so we can elaborate the pic with title, history version, credits, legal stuff etc...
  11. Saint_of_Killers

    Saint of Killers:

    Well, the shotgun guy id dead, so does'nt really matter to him where he's shooting. The marine gun has a special cable connecting the laser sniper directly to a jack in the marine hand, so his super enginered body send any aiming information to the brain of our hero. If you don't belive in my words look at the Ripley in Aliens by James Cameron... peace and love...
  12. Saint_of_Killers

    Project name poll

    Ok, so I can beguin to think on a titlepic...
  13. Saint_of_Killers

    Project name poll

    Maybe I'm annoing everybody, but what appened to this poll?
  14. Saint_of_Killers

    resurrect freedoom

    Just finished Sotgun Guy!! Coming later Heavy Weapon Dude
  15. Saint_of_Killers

    resurrect freedoom

    I'm working at the shotgun guy.... damn school!