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  1. I made a multiplayer mod (Flashlight DM) and it appears that even if I select "Allow server side mods" the other players still need to dl the mod to join my server. Also if I leave this unselected.. they still have to dl the mod. This boggles my mind as to what this option actually does then. BTW is there some way were it can autodownload for them? I mean my mod is a whole 6kb. that wont even put a strain on a server if it was running off a 56k. Its just I can never get more then 3 people on my mod at once cause I have to post info about it on a forum or something. If people could just join my game randomly from the server list... I could play 8+ players easily.
  2. ahh.. NVM. I figured it out... its put seta "si_maxPlayers" "8" in your doom3/base/autoexec.cfg file. works now for me. I was able to select 8 players. (However I never tried hosting more then 4 so Im not sure if it will let me or if im only changing the number to 8.)
  3. 007craft

    Play Doom 3, Win Money

    u have to pay 100$ so no thanks... no matter how good you are, There is always such thing as random factors and im not willing to bet $100 on it.
  4. 007craft

    Flashlight DM!

    ok its finished... I sent it in to doom3files.com. hopefully it will be up soon? its really fun guys :).. Unfortunetly it only works for 1 level :(. If enough people like it... ill do the other levels too. I mean there is only 5 of them :p EDIT:: The MOD IS UP. go get it at http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;29044 P.S. Dont forget to tell me what you think?
  5. 007craft

    Flashlight DM!

    im working on this mod right now.. Im almost done. I should be done in a couple hours... let me say tho its kicking ass so far.. looks like flashlight play could be WAY better then normal play. however The mod im making is flashlight ONLY. Im also gonna make it so flash light is 1 smack kills and thats the ONLY weapon. So basically you go around the level looking and listening for other players.. Best played on last man standing with 16 players... It will be hella fun. I also recommend turning always run OFF since it creates noise when you run.
  6. 007craft

    ALOT of questions I have

    I was on gamefaqs forums as 007craft but I think I was banned when they change to the new style of site... I use to post in the poll of the day message board alot. and yes... i ment quicksave. "So your memory won't run out because of all the bodies it has to keep cached, and to increase your FPS." well with the mod the boddies still disapear after 3 mins so my FPS does not suffer. I mean ID did not have to make the boddies last forever, but to have them fade instantly instead of after 3 miniutes like the mod is so pointless and takes away some cool effects. Also your own shadow should be on by default in 1 player too (I turned mine on) BTW thanks so far for the answers. console trick worked :). Now heres some more Qs for you and others 17. How do I alt + tab? It does nto seem to work and CTrl + alt + delte can work but sometime the game will stop responding when I do that 18. With my autoexe.cfg ... Can I add the game to start with any console command? 19. So with pure server on, on my server....No1 can join with lets say custom skins or something so They dont have an unfair advantage? Also, if im playing a server with a mod... will the be able to join with pure server on? And I also assume allow server side mods means u need to have this option selected as YES if you want to play with a mod like all chainsaws?
  7. 007craft

    ALOT of questions I have

    1. when people make mods (like the chainsaw Deathmatch mod) does every1 need to have it or just the host for it too work? 2. I know there are no custom levels for DM yet... But when there is... Will the maps auto-download from the server if you dont have them or do you need to go find the map on some site? 3. I heard there is some tweak to make the game go faster? like you edit your CFG file or something? what is it? 4. Any Tutorials on how to make Maps yet? 5. has Id said anything on when to excpect the first patch? 6. Will there ever bee a standalone map editor without the need to install the game? 7. How do I host a server more then 4 players.. NOT DEDICATED 8. is it possible to run 2 mods at a time? like suppose I want the pistol with flashlight mod and the Boddies stay mod both on? 9. To make the console show you push CTRL + ALT + ~. Then you can type com_showfps 1 to show your FPS and com_allowConsole 1 so you only have to push ~ instead of CTRL + ALT to bring up the console. Well, When I quit doom 3 and enter again com_showfps 1 is still active and wont go away untill I type com_showfps 0. well com_allowConsole is not active... how do I make this remain active permently? 10. Is there anyway I can organize my files? I dont like shoving custom maps into \Doom 3\base and mods into \Doom 3. I would much rather put them all orginized like \Doom 3\Mods\Sp mods or MP mods and same with the maps 11.when I play under a mod (like boddie stay) and autosave everything is fine... but when I switch back to doom 3 regular (no mod) and open the auto save it does not work and just takes me to the start of the level. is this so for every mod? 12. when I use the boddies stay mod.. MY FPS and everything is fine. then the boddies STILL degrade after like 3 mins tho. Why was this not done for doom 3 by the devlopers? also... whats really the point of ragdoll physics if the boddies are going to fade instantly when you kill them? 13.SDK... is there 1 or plans for 1? 14. The BFG... So If I charge this the blast is more powerful? and if I charge it too long then It blows up in my face? 15. Can you get weapons like the chainsaw, BFG and soulcube in multiplayer without mods? I dont think I saw any. 16. Can some1 explain what each of these does? it appears ID forgot to mention these options in the manual. like what does pure server mean? and the others... thats it for now.. please answer as many as you know... thanks.
  8. I just want to host a regular server (not dedicated) What do I do to host more then 4 players? my connection can probably do 8
  9. 007craft

    how do I play a custom map?

    Ok so I downloaded a .pk4 custom map. What folder do I put it in and how do i play it?
  10. 007craft

    How Do I use the soulcube?

    ok thanks... but whats "q" I have all my buttons remaped to the keypad (much easier) so i Q reload, open, run,?
  11. 007craft

    How Do I use the soulcube?

    I just went to hell and got it. Then it was talking about something too me and I did not really understand. So anyway I go back to delta labs and have the soulcube in my hand. I then wheel mouse to fist and then try to wheel mouse back to the soulcube and I cant select it anymore. I also tried using it and it just looks like a boomerang. Can any1 tell me how to use it?
  12. 007craft

    Doom3 map

    I downloaded this... how do I play it now?
  13. 007craft

    Were can I get a stand alone editor?

    hmm thats not fun. for MOHAA you could download all that as part of a standalnoe for only like 2mb.
  14. 007craft

    Were can I get a stand alone editor?

    is one planed for release? I dont need it now but i will in about 1 months time.
  15. I would love too see the progress that was made from the get go. if possible the same area from all 3 versions. That would be really cool. In the FAQ it says no posting of pics from the alpha... but the game is out now so i assume its ok?