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  1. Mania

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Hey thanks, great info on that site, have you tried any of those tweaks in partucialr, or if you know that they seem to be legit -Mania
  2. Mania

    i have fixed the stuttering issue

    oh ok, much thanks amigo
  3. Mania


    I run Doom 3 on my laptop, which is fairly new and high end.... though I meet the specs and then some, when I select for Doom3 to automatically select the best performace for my computer it will select low or the lowerst one, yet I dont understand why... and when i try to manually adjust the setting and then play the game is just slow and even slower when there are other moving character on my screen.... My Laptop- P4 3.06GHz 512Mb Ram 2Dimms 80GB HD 64MB GeForce FX Go5200 If some super smart laptop/computer person out there or anyone out there with a similar hardware set-up and has smooth gameplay, that can suggets anything that would be great. Thanks -Mania
  4. Mania

    i have fixed the stuttering issue

    now when you say the shuttering issue you mean the constant flashing of the screen while playing?
  5. Mania

    Who should host

    Curious of who should host a multi player game that will only be 1v1 Better Connection or Better Computer...... Also if you could provide a brief explaination of why, that would be great also .... Thanks Mania
  6. Mania

    Custom Keyboard layout

    Hey everyone first off Doom is awesome, i'm just curious of how some of you doomers out there configure your keyboard/mouse or if you just use the default.... Personally i use the default, but i'm wondering if there are any setups out there that seem eaiser or more logical....
  7. Mania

    Myth or Fact

    I've been browsing other forums on Doom 3, and may people have been saying that if you un zip the .pak files in you doom directory into the main directory the game will load faster and atcually run better, at the sacrifice of HD space. Is this true or not and if someone has done this could they possibly explain the process that it was done. Thanks to those who reply...