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  1. Mortimm

    New Meat, Old Blood

    Hello everyone. Very big fan of Doom and Doom 2. It came out when I was 4 and was one of the things I had in common with my father, whom had unfortunately passed since then. Won't delve too much into it but I am a huge fan of the creativity that has spawned from this thriving community (apart from the.... bad eggs that get on the news). Gonna be honest, was tempted on just being a lurker that never signed up but after seeing so many amazing projects get made, I couldn't help myself. So many themes have been covered on here, I am grateful to see such a giving community. Things I like (mostly murdering them) involve: Xenomorphs. Predators. Terminators. The Aliens from Duke Nukem 3D. The Triad from ROTT. The Nazis from Wolf3D (Although I would love to try and give full rotation to the bosses. Them always facing me is so disorienting. xD). The tasteful cyber takes on existing material and new material derived from them. The tasteful undead takes on existing material and new material derived from them. The (unfortunately limited) cthulhu-esque coverage on the site. Wouldn't mind seeing more of the above and maybe on past conflicts that don't exist as much anymore like the USSR, more human factions, Predators on their own and not as associated with Aliens and very solid conversions of Duke Nukem 3D, ROTT and Wolf 3D. You guys are amazing and I am definitely interested in getting into the likes of sprite work and monster creation. Essentially being a person who can give a tonne of resources and creativity to this amazing community that has given to me so much. Thank you for reading this unfocused nonsense and have a good day. Mortimm.