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  1. [FnG]Lazz

    lamest monster

    Irony at its best
  2. [FnG]Lazz

    Your honest opinion required...

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it
  3. [FnG]Lazz

    Your honest opinion required...

    I cant tell you whether you will like it or not. I can only tell you that Im a little dissapointed. Good - Usage of sound effects General graphics Has made me jump more times than any game Ive played Bad - Can get repetative Textures look crappy when close up Gun sounds are bad. E.g for the machine gun, a friend of mine said it sounded like a "sewing machine".
  4. [FnG]Lazz

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    Yes it would seem logical, but being able to see in the dark using goggles would lose the entire concept of the scary atmopshere
  5. [FnG]Lazz

    doom III uk relese date

    Hehe The place I ordered from: gameplay.co.uk say it will be released on the 13th :( One thing I HATE about living in the UK is that games are ONLY released on a Friday whereas the rest of the world get them on the day they are released.
  6. [FnG]Lazz

    Any news on the demo?

    Guys, I dont really care who has posted the most or least, or who is the best lurker etc. The thread is asking people if they have any information regarding the Doom 3 demo, lets keep it that way please
  7. [FnG]Lazz

    Any news on the demo?

    Wow guys chill. I was just asking about the demo for a GAME which a LOT of people don't have. No need to create a flame war
  8. [FnG]Lazz

    Any news on the demo?

    According to a few people in this thread: http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=138319 The demo *might* be released today. Anyone heard about it or know of any other possibilities?
  9. [FnG]Lazz

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    Edited by Lazz - sorry for the pointless flame :)
  10. [FnG]Lazz

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Thanks for the tip :) Definitely worth trying when I get it. This is my setup: Intel Pentium 4 2.4ghz 1GB Crucial RAM Radeon 9800 pro 128MB I plan to play on medium and possible high settings. I believe walking along the corridors will be perfectly ok but encountering monsters is likely to eat away at the FPS
  11. [FnG]Lazz

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    **I've been looking through the boards for a few weeks and just decided to sign up, so firstly nice to meet you all** Im from the UK and have to wait another 8 days till I can play Doom 3, hence Im looking at every review I can find. Ive pre-ordered the game so I will get it no matter how good/bad reviews are but its still interesting to see what others have said about it. The Gamespot review was one I was looking forward to (aswell as IGN and Gamespy) though I was dissapointed to see Doom 3 only getting 8.5 / 10 (85%). Dunno about anyone else, but if you read the review, it seems like the reviewer was in a bad mode when he reviewed it :P