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  1. compalints about barons, but the enemy they literally had to invent A FUCKING CAP IN THE GAME to limit, is a "great enemy". Well, barons are imps but harder to kill, but at least it's not badly designed.
  2. Cutman 999

    who're your favorite mappers

    - Gusta - Skillsaw - Darkwave0000 - Myolden - Ribbiks Shoutouts to some mappers I came to recognized as great in community projects I participated in: - Dashlet - Cacodemon187
  3. Cutman 999

    Hispanic Community Project {3 SLOTS LIBRES}

    Aprovechando que se lanzo la nueva build, dejo info del layout ""terminado"" del mapa 14: lurigancho
  4. I don't fucking know. It would be cool as shit, though.
  5. Cutman 999

    Big Half-Life Update

    Jamie romeo, Juan momero, Jayah Romis
  6. Cutman 999

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I'll support that shit when ist released, i those screenshots alone scream quality.
  7. Cutman 999

    tips for classic doom: general

    - The doom arsenal is almost perfect, use it to its fullest extent, even if things like the slow weapon switch incentivizes you to stick with one weapon most of the time - Learn how to dodge efficiently with enemy projectiles (especially important for nightmare and uv fast) - The way you deal with monster depends in which encounter you are, some will require eliminating small, fodder enemies first, some you have to prioritize the big baddie first (example, the archvile, revenant, mancubus, etc) In the case of the iwads this isn't completely indispensable, just for plutonia - Learn how to crowd control - Use the bfg only when the situation REALLY requires it, if you don't, you are wasting 40 cells of absolutely ridiculous damage output - Don't fear lower difficulties, UV is almost the standard, but that's mostly because of community tradition, there's nothing wrong in playing the iwads in HMP or HNTR, especially plutonia
  8. Cutman 999

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    that map23 heretic track still haunts my dreams
  9. Cutman 999

    Rocchetta Plin Plin SoundFont V 2.03

    This thread wasn't locked before because it was considered piracy? Just asking
  10. Doom: Woof, Gzdoom, chocolate doom Quake: MarkV, Nightdive remaster Quake2: YamagiQuake2 Duke3D: Eduke32 Wolf3D: ECwolf Half-Life: Steam Heretic: Russian Heretic (Crispy heretic supports widescreen now btw?) Hexen: Russian Hexen (Same question as heretic) Doom 3: dhewm3
  11. Cutman 999

    Hotline Miami mod (my first ever thread:D )

    I have played violence before. I mean more doom wads with synthwave styled music
  12. Cutman 999

    What are you playing now?

    I have completed solar struggle even if I didn't plan in finishing it initially. I have to say, most stuff there is pretty damn good, especially for a community project. There're bad apples in this set like E4M6, E3M7 and E2M9, but overall, I'm amazed by how consistent and modern it feels for a project of this scope. I have completed doom 1 wads before, but solar struggle is easily my favorite, mostly because (for the most part) doesn't try to plagiarize id software, the combat feels like a mix of popcorn style knee deep in the dead fights with some more modern style ambushes, and i like the themes of each episode and how every level in this set tries to respect them in a way or the other. Pretty good stuff here.