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  1. I loved it!! I was a blast and will do it again soon.The boss at the end was cool as well as the animation at the end. In case some of you guys did not know there is a stone block in the last room of the game that has id's logo on it.If you crawl up to this stone and click on it it opens a secret door to a hidden room.There is a PDA in there that has comments from the dev team. The game over all was quite fun and met my expectations it will be nice to see what Mods come down our way. Good job id thanks for the experience. It was fun.
  2. Lucien

    Gamespy Review

    Wow!!! It sucks to be you!!!!!!! Now back to Doom 3.................
  3. Lucien

    Gamespy Review

    I ike the review it pretty much on spot on how I feel about the game. Its a great classic basic fps live with that. I am enjoying bigtime. I think I'm halfway thru. Time to play some more Doom3 ............................
  4. Lucien

    What is Doom 3???? (A gamers perspective)

    Falcon 4 was amazing. I played it for a while never learned it like I should have. It is an amazing game. No problem with the long post I like all feedback. :)
  5. As a gamer for many years I have grown to love various genres of games. As we all know there is no game that covers everything in regards to gameplay.(interaction,realism etc) As I got older (I'm 39 years young) I have grown to appreciate games that execute well. What is Doom 3??? Doom 3 is an old school FPS that plays great that has limited interaction with the enviroment by DESIGN. As I have been reading the posts here some folks are critisizing the game beacuse of the lack of interaction or realism.(flash light issue etc). Realism FPS games. Rainbow 6 Operation Flashpoint Swat....(ANd many others) If I want realism I will buy these games and I do own a few of them. Ae they fun? Hell yes!!!!Because I expect these games to deiliver a realistic experience by design.After playing this type of game for a while I wanted something else. I wanted to be Rambo type guy and kick some major @ss without worring how much I can hold ,how fast I can run, no worries about inventory etc.(D3) Limited tactical gaming. Farcry I enjoyed this game big time but the game had serious issues. 1) Acting was reeeeeal bad!!!! The AI ws easy to figure out.Shoot one guy the others look at him a I take out the rest. The graphics were great as long as you were outdoors. Sounds fare I enjoyed the experience. I need a basic FPS experience. HMMMMMM Shall I buy DOOM 3?? Hell yes!!! Basic FPS Doom 3. I am a huge Doom fan. I loved those games becuase they delivered a simple yet very entertaining gaming experience. Everybody on the planet knows (who are gamers) that ID software has a certian game design style. Doom 3 keeps to the roots of the FPS genre. Simply,moody and a blast to play. Doom is not Halflife or Farcry it is DOOM!!!! I'm sure Half Life 2 will be a great game I loved the first one. No doubt I will buy HL2 the day its released just like I did with D3.I like both games for what they are. Simple. Doom 3 gets a 9.8 out of 10 in my book. (there is not such thing as a perfect game 10) I just an old guy who loves games for what they are.Doom 3 delivered in my book.