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    Will Hillary Clinton be the next president?

    Exactly. We'd have to ammend the constitution. He said he'd be for that by the way when he was interviewed by 20/20. Why don't you put your thumb up your butt?

    help me out!

    Another hint is it's where a zombie crawled up the ladder from below at you...if you go down there you'll find some health, and armor shards. The panel is at the top of the ladder on the opposite side of the platform.
  3. What's the deal with this thread? I mean, really

    O'Reilly, Daily Show, and Nielson

    His 19 year senate record is worse than Ted Kennedy's. He doesn't bother to even have a respectable attendance. There's a reason he's shying away from talking about that (and NO ONE in the press bothers to be critical about it either), and instead he insisted on talking about his Vietnam experience until he was blue in the face. It's also amusing that a war literally spit apon by the American left is now embraced in the form of this candidate, but he also won't talk about his testimony before Congress in 1971, and NO ONE in the press has bothered to talk about it either - in spite of how inflamatory and utterly demoralizing it was. Utterly amazing. He hasn't given you any indication he has any substance behind those "ideas" of his. That's why he's rhetorical. He even has a bad habit stealing Howard Dean's own talking points from before the primary - points he disagreed with when he ran against him. Also, everyone who supports Kerry and Edwards are suffering from selective memory when they forget about Kerry and Edwards publically saying the other wasn't fit for the presidency BEFORE they were on the same ticket. AFTER they're best friends. Find that odd? Finally, one thing I do like about the president is that he doesn't wear his faith on his sleeve. Remember Clinton's big "lets go to the church and make sure the press sees us do it" antics with Hillary and Chelsea in tow make sure they're seen going into church? Do you think if he was asked by the press if he believed in God he would answer as honestly as Bush did? That's a vulnerable thing to do, but I guarantee Clinton would figure out a way to dodge it. People don't "cling" to Bush because he uses the "G-word". They like him because he's honest. He's not shoveling BS at you. Now, you may think he is, but then again you've somehow missed all of Kerry's enormous pile, so maybe you're listening with the wrong ear. What's my life like? I'll tell you one thing: I take this war seriously. I have plenty of friends who are currently deployed. Their families need support. Some are married. Some even have kids. Where do you think they get the support they need? From their community. We don't spend a lot of time chastising what the president is doing, because it means demoralizing them. Finally... I hate to remind you but the war started the moment the first plane hit the first tower. Bush didn't START a war. He's trying to finish it. Therefore peace isn't possible until we win, because refusing to fight isn't going to stop anything. The war will continue whether we like it or not. ...and if your candidate isn't willing to do what it takes to kill these thugs then this war is going to go on, and on, and on.... The men and women in our millitary are willing to go fight a terrorist that wants you and everything you stand for dead. If it weren't for them our days would be numbered and the freedom we enjoy to have these little debates would be gone.

    O'Reilly, Daily Show, and Nielson

    Every liberal I know have several things in common: 1. They hate the president...as if he personally did something to them so horrible he deserves their contempt - to the point they compare him to hitler, and call his wife a whore. Nice. So their strategy for voting in a new president is "anyone but Bush", so they're willing to elect a completely foolish, rhetorical, and completely out of touch elitist like John Kerry who didn't even bother to do his job as a Senator. They don't know a thing about him, or really like him, or really care. He's just NOT BUSH. 2. They get angrier and angrier the closer to the election we get. They spend their time plastering bumper stickers all over their cars, and making hand made signs to stick in their living room windows about how horrible their lives are because Bush is president - even though their lives haven't been affected in the least unless they go to the airport to get on a plane. Someone else has gone off and made the sacrifices they seem to be whining about. 3. They have personal convictions about being anti-war, but for some reason they have no plan on what would be the alternative except idiodic and ignorant ideals like "let the UN do it!" - they just know war is bad, and we shouldn't be doing it. John Stewart's interview with Charile Rose last night convinced me that even though Stewart is a funny man in front of the camera, and he denies that the popular media is "activist" in what he called "democratic" preferences, he admits he's still angry with Bush and the war in Iraq, and admits professionals in the media feel the same way. If the media wasn't actively anti-bush how do you expain the fake memos CBS decided to let Dan Rather report on?

    O'Reilly, Daily Show, and Nielson

    John Stewart: was funny. Gets more and more "edgy" the closer to the election we get. Wonder why? O'Reilly: Sometimes obnoxious, but at least he's maintained the same level of editorialism. Limbaugh: Over-simplifies, but even if you don't like him he makes a lot of sense a lot of the time. Don't be angry, liberals. I know life is a horrible experience, but try being thankful for what you have and you'll feel all better.

    WTF? Unusual short film

    What the hell do you expect? It's friggin asian for cryin' out loud. Since when is a watermelon fetish sexy? There's several minutes of my life gone forever.

    Alpha Lab Crane (Spoilers)

    You need something else to do with your time.

    Little oddity probably should bring it to IDs attention.

    Remember the infamous scenario in Quake III when you'd insta-gib the Bones (the skeleton), and you'd get gibs anyway instead of just bones? Same thing when Orb would get it...you'd get normal body parts instead of a popping eyeball, and some legs...
  10. COBALT

    Damn it!

    ^ |______ But of course, you could be wrong... ;)
  11. COBALT

    stuck in game

    Ah...IF this is the right place you need to get the dead guy's PDA on the floor. It gives you access to the first station, and calls the lift to it. Once it arrives you have to manuver the lift around passing through all of the areas until you get to station 2, 3...
  12. COBALT

    stuck in beggining of Recyling Center 2

    I hereby give you license to use "noclip" for a total of 3 seconds (long enough to pass through the glass). Here's a receipt: COBALT's GameHelper.com ----------------------- Thank you for using our service! Service Price ------------------------- Recyc.St.2.noclip $50.00 Subtotal 50.00 Tax 4.90 Service Fee 12.00 "coolness" fee 20.00 ------------------------- Total $86.90 No local out-of-state-checks, please. ;)
  13. COBALT

    chainsaw modelled wrong?

    ...then don't reply. :rolleyes:
  14. COBALT

    chainsaw modelled wrong?

    http://www.stihlusa.com/chainsaws/MS660.html ...if the bar is on the left then either it's a brand that does that on purpose, or its backwards. I have 3 chainsaws and they're all on the right.
  15. COBALT

    stuck in beggining of Recyling Center 2

    Jump through the window the imp broke.