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  1. I'm glad you like it! And yeah, it's preety dark most of the times, i was going for a more Sigil inspired look.
  2. Thanks for playing it, hope you enjoyed it!
  3. Thank you for playing it!
  4. Hi, thanks you for playing! Indeed the map is a bit difficult by design, but with a little play time you can quickly master it :)
  5. Thank you very much for taking your to play my map, i really appreciate it! I'm taking notes on what the community has to say so i can improve on my next uploads, i'll take everything into consideration. I appreciate you taking notes of the little details and the aesthetics, it's something i like to spend time on making and i find it very relaxing. Glad you liked the music! That Tomb Raider MIDI is a remixed version i found on khinsider.com, gonna leave a link here for you. Hope you had fun, thanks again :D
  6. Thank you for playing Nathasha <3
  7. Thank you for playing it ^^
  8. I laughed so hard at the part of the "damaging sector" at the end that i literally farted, hahaha! Thank you for playing it, hope you had a great time!
  9. I took great inspiration from Episode 4 and Sigil while making this little level, while at the same time trying do create something with my own style. I love punishing maps with small petite details that require strategy to beat it, that's the kind of vibe i was going for. Thank you for recording your gameplay, it's great for me to learn later how to improve on my mapping skills! :D
  10. Thanks for playing it, i appreciate that :) I agree, those rocks at the end were a little bit too cruel. I'll be sure to take notes and improve on my next set of maps! Thank you so much for the tips on the skyboxes, i was going for a all-vanilla map this time but next i'll go with something a little more correctly themed next. Hope you had fun my friend! ^^
  11. Had a great time watching you play this, thank you for taking your time before work to play it! Cheers! :D
  12. That's how i feel after too much dairy products LMAO
  13. It was really fun watching you play this, your reactions were gold! Hope you had a great time :D
  14. Thanks for playing it! Hope you had fun. I do enjoy maps that like to play and torture the player a little, but i also think this map needs a few medkits more.