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  1. botmline

    the crane in caverns 1

    Stupid? Maybe, I didn't have any trouble with landing left of the load wires.
  2. botmline

    the crane in caverns 1

    I moved the crane to the left, moved the load out a ways and jumped onto the load of beams, then jumped to the other side.
  3. botmline

    Mod of Improvements v.1 Released

    Great job. I had to disable the shadows in the batch file due to older 64 mb Nvidia video. id should take some notes from this mod
  4. botmline

    Weapon changes

    go to editing > mod of improvements v.1 released look for the following links; You can download the mod here: MoI.v1.zip Or visit the official website here: MoI Website
  5. botmline

    Weapon changes

    I downloaded and ran the v1 mods. They kick ass Gonna have to start over and have some real fun.