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  1. Intergalactic

    I'm in bad need of a C guy, just few lines of code !

    Well, it means that we are two C asses!!! Hmm, anyway C is not that hard to learn, but I don't want to be sidetracked by it, i am doing and EDGE tc (Imp's Tales). Try to learn it. If you can't - eat your veggies :-D
  2. Intergalactic

    I'm in bad need of a C guy, just few lines of code !

    Why don't you do'em yourself? (Anyway don't count on me I am ass on C)
  3. Intergalactic

    Doom done drunk

    Hey Shockwav3 try Doom done dead with a BFG. You'll kill 2 persons at once: yourself, and the one who has to clean the room up after the "Action" state.
  4. Intergalactic

    Doom done drunk

    I did "Doom done high" once. I got killed on map03.(shame!) Basically, 6 pills are too many for UV.
  5. Intergalactic

    Doom done drunk

    Hey do you know how to record "doom done dead"??? I'll show you how: Props: Take a SSG,Shockwav3,and a camera. Getting Ready: Turn camera on, put shells in SSG, tie Shockwav3 to a chair. Action: Kill Shockwav3!!! After: Clean up the bloody mess, throw away used shells. (wow, almost a rhyme) And then, GO PLAY DOOM SILLY!!!
  6. Intergalactic

    Another DooMish Dream

    I had a friggin' doom dream too when i was only 7 or 8 years old.(i am 12.5 for now) Though it was a long time since, i remeber it like it was yesterday. I was in something like Map07 or 19 i only remember it had grass on the floor. i was standing in a backyard of some building with pistol. Then i went ahead and turned to the left. i saw some zombiemen but they didn't shoot me, just walk around senselessly. The i went a bit ahead again, and walked up to a dead end. There was a strange light-brown computer (turned off) and a zombieman on a stick. i shot the terminal and it exploded very violently, i was bumped to a wall by explosion. When the smoke dissapeared the zombieman-on-a-stick was slightly lower, almost on the ground, and was spinning fast. Then i woke up. Note: a day before one of my buddies told me that he saw some sort of shootable guys-on-sticks. "When you shoot them they fall lower" he said.(of course it is just a low false)
  7. Intergalactic

    Imp's Tales

    A am doing an TC for edge where imp will be the player. The Imp's Tales!!! The first episode is near its finish line. It features: -20+ new weapons -all enemies replaced, plus more than 30 new ones -underwater areas and multifloor buildings -6 new maps: from catacombs(where unlucky imps are fueling genetical expiriments with their blood) to the luxury villa of the Doomguy. -RTS scripts for creating some cool effects. -full compatibility with EDGE 1.26 and 1.24 I will submit my web pages to Doomworld soon. Expect to see my them in a few weeks. But I need a mapmaker REAL BADLY!!! I have very little time to fiddle with the maps. Join in and we will make the best TC in the history of DooM.(maybe except Aliens and Starwars)