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  1. rooks308

    Any way of putting alpha demons into final?

    That's a great Idea, hopefully ID does release some sort of fanpack or something. Until then I guess we can only hope! :)
  2. rooks308

    Any way of putting alpha demons into final?

    hmmm... I wonder though.. if someone can put "new" models into a mod, then why not put these models into a mod as well? Sure it won't be in the standard doom3, but we could have a blast putting them into a mod or even user-created maps. I hope we can figure this out. I guess I had better keep learning radiant. Doing pretty good so far.
  3. rooks308

    Any way of putting alpha demons into final?

    Im referring to 2 demons in particular. One was nicknamed "Birdie", while others called him "Brusier". He kinda looks like what some people expected a baron of hell to look like. The other is what appears to be a slightly different version of the arch vile. Its is more tentically (if thats a word). However it is certainly NOT the arch-vile itself as it appears much taller and seems to be a new creature all together.
  4. For those of you that have the alpha, is there anyway you can export the demons that made the alpha into a mod like package and import them into the final? Even if its just like a mod I think I'd love to see a few of those demons that we saw in alpha that were not in the final version.
  5. rooks308

    DooM3 Imp Fight

    Zombies don't only demons burn away... IE: returning to hell. Zombies do indeed ragdoll... which is always fun. Just don't get too eager with your mag light after they die... they don't like that. :)
  6. rooks308

    Placing Computers and such

    awesome ill give it a try...
  7. rooks308

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    I would have to say the Hell knights... Those guys are just badass... From the sound they make as they approach to their intelligent aim (they seem like they lead their fire to anticipate your movement). I think these guys rock, I wish i saw more of them in the game.
  8. rooks308

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    Ok, now I have used a chainsaw... granted I dont practically own some company like you.. and I don't remember using it on anyone in particular (usually trees not people), but I would tend to think that it would take a whole lot more than 2 or 3 kills to gum up that sucker, unless your using some cheap crappy chainsaw. However I'd be willing to bet that far into our future the chainsaws available would be at least as tough as the ones we have now. There is one out that I offer you though to make your theory make sense, although I doubt that you thought of this but Ill give it to you anyway. If you read all the Data files on the Demons that are available in the "Demon Museum" area, they mention that the demon's bodies are trendously tough and are not easily pierced. That could somewhat give the chainsaw a bit of trouble to work with... then again it's just a game :) Just a thought! PS - This reply is partly meant for humor.. don't take it as a flame :) Cheers!!
  9. rooks308


    Ive never been able to run a map I made by simply typing "map". Ive always had to type "dmap maps/mapname" . I think your problem could maybe be that your using .map at the end maybe? Also check that you are actually saving your map in the " /maps " folder. Other than that I think you are set! GL!! OH and PS.. once you DMAP your map you can then load it by doing the normal "Map mapname" <-- no quotes.
  10. rooks308

    Placing Computers and such

    Can't seem to use any of the computer models or any of the other great environment ones... I can see them in the materials section but I don't see any way of actually placing them on my map! Any help?
  11. rooks308

    Door opening inwards... wth?

    LOL ok so now i figured out the door thanks to a tutorial that was referred to me in email.... If anyone else has this problem Ill be happy to try and help.
  12. rooks308

    BOSS STRATEGIES (Extreme spoilers)

    something happens later that seems to negate whatever choice you made regarding the transmit... and yes Sarge is later on after gaurdian... although he is then called Saboath[spell?], or so the editor calls him.
  13. rooks308

    did you put the guy out of his misery?

    I beat everything that is lying around with my light just in case they think about getting up... a few thwacks with that maglight and they won't be bothering anyone.
  14. rooks308

    Door opening inwards... wth?

    I figured out the cam part... anyone able to help with the doors? Im really stuck here. Basically the door instead of moving sideways, moves about 6 inches away from me... obviously i cannot progress since the door is still in my face. I can't seem to change this outcome. I have tried flipping and rotating the door.... no change :(
  15. rooks308

    Door opening inwards... wth?

    Hi guys.. Im just getting started using the editor and ive run into a few problems that I suspect you folks can squash for me. First, my doors don't open... the door moves about 6 inches away... like its opening back instead of side to side. Wierd.. I can't seem to figure that out. 2nd, Every tutorial i see shows the textures in the "cam" view. All i see is the wireframe view. I looked in all the menus and I get nothing... :( Oh and 1 more thing.. I click "Help" hoping for an index or built in tutorial or something..... but the button does nothing.