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  1. entropy122

    Worst official level?

    DOOM 2
  2. entropy122

    Worst official level?

    Yo another possibly unpopular opinion, but MAP02 I get stuck on it every time (maybe I'm bad?)
  3. entropy122

    Worst official level?

    my incompetence makes me get lost a lot.
  4. 3D Maze - Mauzymice's Cat edition :3


  5. entropy122

    Hell's play garden

    What the actual f*ck is this map. I love having 4 rockets, a shit ton of bullets and like 10 shotgun shells to take out a revenant, and whatever was in that cage. Doesn't look too bad, maybe this negativity is cus im no expert, also rather unskilled at the game?
  6. entropy122

    Cursed Doom Images

  7. entropy122

    Cursed Doom Images

    no. no. get out of my head.
  8. Started off pretty normal, E1M1 was ok, E1M2 and onward devolved into what could only be described (as many have said already), a journey of forgetting, parts of maps are gone, doors, items, textures. Further on, it all disintegrates, becoming a chaotic mess of random textures. Then. Nothing. A void of grey, black and white. Boom! E1M1... but something is off. No enemies, no pickups. Empty.
  9. entropy122

    Cursed Doom Images

    heavy tf2 spotted. tick tock heavy like a brinks truck lookin like im tip top
  10. entropy122

    Worst official level?

    might be unpopular opinion, but E1M4 (Command Control)
  11. entropy122

    Which monster you wanna be from doom 1 and 2?

    Lost Soul (jokes jokes)
  12. entropy122

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    actually picking up the game and playing through Knee Deep in the Dead (UV). i know it ain't much but i'm rather new to the game
  13. entropy122

    things in doom that weirdly scared you back then

    door close sound, imp jumpscares, the works
  14. entropy122

    Embraced.wad {MBF21} 3 Maps

    holy sisyphean effort! i really need to get better at doom... i died within 5 seconds of picking up the SSG lmao
  15. Yeah, ammo conservation is key. I would use the SSG against more beefy enemies.