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  1. pfft no band is characteristic of any genre no genre is characteristic of fucking anything
  2. haha, if you posted about music i'd probably at least read them (but i don't like this forum much)
  3. hardcore is the worst genre name ever
  4. oh, sorry, you seem more like a happy hardcore kind of guy :) dj promo, dj nosferatu, and masters of hardcore are all fun gabber artists. gabbafront.de has a nice selection of gabber downloads if you're looking for a new favourite. by the way, di.fm just started playing hardcore for the headstrong on the hardcore channel. good timing eh :P
  5. hard trance isn't supposed to be hardcore, it's supposed to be hard trance :P. as a genre, hard trance tends to be more 'beat-oriented' than other kinds of trance. but, as is the case with most genres of electronic music, no one really cares.
  6. hey, cool - i've been into hardcore music for a while now. although a lot of it is really bad, there are some cool new genres coming around (trancecore and freeform) that are quite interesting. sonicfury.net has some free mixes by dj cloudskipper and spree for download (they're really good djs). di.fm has a streaming hardcore radio station which is also pretty good; unfortunately, the content manager is dj silver, who also runs happyhardcore.com - the content tends to be all happy, and if you're looking for darkcore or any kind of gabber, good luck. (he does play upfront and freeform sometimes) oh, dj_haruko, there's this one japanese happycore track called "konomama" by misono (it's on masterwax records and only available on 12 inch). you might enjoy it :)
  7. erik sent me the wad a while ago, but unfortunately i lost it. i asked him if he still had it, and he said that he didn't, but to ask fyre[os]. fyre sent me two of his wads but neither of them was the one that i wanted. so i was hoping someone else might have it.
  8. i'm looking for a certain wad made by erik alm about a year ago. it was a modification of the first level of scythe.wad for deathmatch. if you don't remember the original level, here is a screenshot in game: http://www.geocities.com/drspangle2001/scytheig.jpg and looking at it in wadauthor: http://www.geocities.com/drspangle2001/scythewa.jpg i'm pretty sure this level was never released, but if anyone has it, please tell me as soon as possible :)
  9. let's see... If you're a well known doomer, someone could probably pull some strings and get you the account. The 30 day thing, although it says it in the "license agreement" was never implemented and probably never will be. It isn't as much of a hassle as it sounds. (p.s. it's been six months since the 1.02 release and no one's taken Falconer yet :) _Every_ doomer worth their salt knows that experience points don't give an accurate indication of a player's skill. It just isn't that big of a deal. Duke4ever has already implemented mouselook and claims to have a fix for the remaining problems. This should be in a beta release soon. As you know, CSDoom is based on ZDoom 1.22 and ZDaemon 1.x is based on 1.23 b33, so uh...if your level isn't compatible with ZDaemon it won't be compatible with CSDoom. The coders aren't going to rebuild ZDaemon every time Randy releases a new 2.x beta; that's impractical. I remember playing on your server back when 0.99 was around, and it's good to see servers running new, interesting, and original wads. Hopefully you'll come back to ZDaemon soon. -xooz98
  10. hey check this out: http://zdaemon.org/faq/showquestion.asp?faq=24&fldAuto=57 if you're using zonealarm 3.x (and if you arent, you need to upgrade now) you should be able to set the Internet Security bar to medium. of course you also have to give zserv32 access to the internet and forward the correct ports. if you need more help with zdaemon you can try http://forums.zdaemon.org or help@zdaemon.org. good luck -xooz98
  11. LOL!!! Maybe the doomguy needs Therapy of Mass Destruction :-D
  12. Maybe it's not a supervisor, but a sense of the Doom Guy's longing for a father figure. Maybe the imp is there only to hit the doom guy deep inside...
  13. Ah, a deathly motive. But according to post-Lorenzian psychoanalysis, the monsters more likely to kill you would be on your level.
  14. The real character in this scene is the imp to the upper right as you walk in. Ir really makes you think about why that imp is there. He must have some purpose in life. But what? What could it possibly be?