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  1. Some Llama

    Complete Freeze at 2 min. mark

    amdxp 2500+ asus a7n8x deluxe, 512 corsair ram (xms) radeon 9800 pro (msi td128 version) windows xp. All latest drivers and updates and Dx9.0c
  2. Some Llama

    Cannot connect via "ipconnect"

    I will but im telling you it's gonna be the same as using the "ip connect" feature in the browser. (unless the feature is borked...ill let you know)
  3. Some Llama

    Hate being attacked?

    I think it would be cool if the zombies kept coming at you unless you put them down with a bullet in the brain. shoot the arm, no more arm so it swings with other arm, shoot off both arms it trys to head butt/bite you, shoot off it's legs and it crawls with it's tongue, bullet in the brain.. dead... then have a room full of zombies open up and let the fun ensue... ah whatever
  4. Some Llama

    How to get Doom 3 to work for 9x/ME(tutorial!)

    it is prolly the same thing given here, just already modified for ya, or its a virus ;)
  5. Some Llama

    Cannot connect via "ipconnect"

    oh no i understand.. but I meant using the "ipconnect" box at the bottom of the multiplayer browser, we haven't done this via the console at all, but the browser ip connect function is the same as the console because when i use the browser function it goes to a different screen that says "trying to connect to ip <server ip address>".
  6. Some Llama

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    Quake 2 :)
  7. Some Llama

    No flashlight beam?

    sometimes the flashlight goes out on purpose.. part of the game.. i dunno if this is what the problem is for everyone but a few of you are seeing this i think... I also read somewhere about the flashlight having something to do with a file, this is how the duct tape mod works.. it adds the file to 2 guns giving the light effect... maybe the flashlight file is corrupted? if i see it again ill post a link
  8. Some Llama

    Complete Freeze at 2 min. mark

    tried 4.9, made my system crash... hard too, it won't load OS with 4.9s installed. :-/
  9. Some Llama

    Doom 3 McCrashy

    Just thought I'd add 2 more things, the 4.9s crash my system before it even loads the OS so no go there... I haven't had ANY lockups or crashes in multiplayer.. no matter how long I play... only in single player. Patchy time Id?
  10. Some Llama

    The 9800 Pro AIW Saga - DVD vs. DOOM

    hmm, im interested to try the 4.5s as it is crashing right now and I am usig the 4.7s... can you give me a link to find the full package for 4.5?
  11. Some Llama

    question about ati graphics cards

  12. Some Llama

    What ports does doom3 use for multi

    i have found that the server will have a default port of 6443, the clients use 27666 by default..
  13. Some Llama

    Workaround for DM "server full" error

    here are my experiences I am behind a router. I created a game and gave the external ip address to my friend, he typed in the IP address and was not able to connect... he used the browser and saw my game and then was able to connect. Had another friend, saw my game in the browser and it said 1/4 which it was because I was the 1 of 4 in the server but when tried to connect it would say "server full" everytime we have tried to get this to work it has been hit and miss... sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't... but for sure the direct IP address thing is not working... I don't know if this is a router issue or the browser is fuxored.. I did however open all the ports on my router (6443 and 27650-27666) with no change.... (and my first friend was able to connect to my game before I changed the port's statuses on the router.). Also Activision will not offer support to anyone who is trying to connect behind a router... fyi
  14. Some Llama

    Complete Freeze at 2 min. mark

    i am using the 4.7s and have FW turned off.. still having the freezes... just an update...
  15. Some Llama

    Cannot connect via "ipconnect"

    Hello, Some friends and I are trying to play DM over the internet... one of us hosts a listen server and when any of us try to connect to it via "ipconnect" it says connecting but never connects to the server... if we use the browser list and see the server name we can connect to it. We are all behind firewalls but we opened ports 6443 and 27650-27666 If you have any suggestions please let me know... We would like to directly connect via the ip address.