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  1. cannibalpostman

    Why lose guns?

    this is just like the fact that somehow satan can mastermind an invasion, but hes far too lazy to hide the strategically placed guns and health from around his domain. apparently betreugers in for a good old fashioned prison beef injection from demons after not picking up the toys.
  2. cannibalpostman

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    the fact that monsters have nothing better to do than teleport behind you, hide behind walls or make incredibly lame noises kinda ruined the game...in doom 2 all hidden monsters are well done, but teleporting imps ruined this game completely i agree. And apparently satans gone into interior decorating because whats with the closets filled with monsters? its like they have nothing to do all day but sit behind a wall....wow, real scary, you havent walked in 3 weeks. betruegers really lame too..they couldnt have made it a huge scandanavian guy like in perfect dark who turns out to be a demon/alien? I too am surprised they hired a writer for this plotline.
  3. cannibalpostman

    The end of E1M8 - theories

    the question of the bases being in hell....hasnt anyone else here seen the cutscene of demios base floating above hell?
  4. cannibalpostman

    gun questions

    just a few gun questions, not complaints really. most law enforcement/military shotguns(what few are left in the military) now use the 3 sabot slug cartridges because of the body armor destruction they can produce....why isnt this in doom, wouldnt a heavy ass bullet meant to rip apart kevlar make more sense? using the sprint-strafe method the rocket launcher actually seems to be fairly more accurate than standing, maybe because the monsters get distracted by your movement, let me know what you see when you try this why is the shotgun pump still slow...on mine at home i can go through all 5 cartridges within 3 seconds...this guys supposed to be the pride of the marines. lastly why is the plasma rifle power/usefulness downgraded? it used to rip through hell knights in about 15-20 shots, now the projectiles are slower, they lower visibility and the gun inself isnt as good to strafe with once again, thoughts, not a rant. let me know what you think
  5. cannibalpostman

    Nightmare skill - holy bejesus.

    Nothing worse than waking up with cotton mouth not remembering where you are, your butt hurts, and there's vaseline all over you... wanna go camping?
  6. cannibalpostman

    gun questions

    i have posted a forum earlier of a small rant on chainsaws... for one, the blade would dull from cutting bones made of calcium (and possibly iron from the pinkys) which is much more dense than wood. also, it woudlnt be able to expel the meat the chain pulls in because muscle cells dont tear uniformly like plant cells do. overall, chainsaw ideas good, practicality in reality, low.
  7. cannibalpostman

    What would you call the Doom monsters in your early Doom career?

    "dont go, theres a dimensional shambler waiting in the explorer!"
  8. cannibalpostman

    Demons & Zombies.. Oh my

    females being lost souls obviously makes more sense than them being zombies..they lack the physical strength to weild greater weapons zombies use, but, they do have the most dense skulls of any creature ever documented.
  9. cannibalpostman

    gun questions

    raptor, i can answer your question. there were tests of automatic gas powered shotguns against pumps, and it has been found that automatics jam much more frequently than pumps, and sometimes actually require professional attention to fix. pump shotguns however can be dismantled and re-assembled good as new within 3 minutes in field. ....ok, the history channel really is that addictive.
  10. cannibalpostman

    What would you like to see in a D3 Mission Pack

    i think the mission pack should basically go back to hell, and do it doom 2 style. you run in, find tons of ammo and megaspheres, and even larger amounts of demons. Beating incomprehensible amounts of ass you work your way down to the gargoyle that swallowed betreuger and kill it, releasing betreuger so you can have your final showdown(upon which you crack his skull open, stuff it with fireworks and sew it back up for a badass show. just a thought.
  11. cannibalpostman

    have you played doom1/2 recently?

    after playing doom 3(which i love, dont question it) i went back and played doom 2. And i must say, doom 2 is competing in levels of fun. sure it has worse graphics but the guns sound better and the monsters are plentiful. Doom 3 is beautiful but, it brings about this aspect of survival horror. theres already an entire genre of survival horror out there, called resident evil, and you know how they've been going. anyway, go back and play doom1 or 2 and tell me which one you think will still be more fun in 2 years.
  12. cannibalpostman

    Doom Nostalgia

    I have infront of me the doom 1 cd case bought in 1995(i was 7 then, scariest thing ever). on it, he is holding a plasma rifle shooting into a crowd of enemies. a marine is running for him in the background, and his empty hand is useless for its being pulled down by an imp/hk. the peculiar thing is theres a small demon witha forearm rocket launcher?
  13. cannibalpostman

    Demon: metal legs dissolve

    hell knights now look like fireborns from turok 2....did anyone else here like the idea of the old 'mr. t with goat legs and horns' look and think it'd be completely awesome on d3?
  14. cannibalpostman

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    please kids, no more hitler. he was debateable, but if you want to bitch about hitler make a new thread, not mine.
  15. cannibalpostman

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    first off. the mars atmosphere....no oxygen is a good idea, but noone ever thought ahead to the fact that the gravity would crush you completely...your eardrums would pop and neck snap. sure they say they're trying to make it liveable but unless you can change its mass and orbit entirely the gravity will remain. that and the glass that is surrounding mars base must be at least 100x tougher than bulletproof so theres no way a simple shotgun glass could pop it...maybe, maybe a bfg shot could melt it.(this is incorrect, stop posting about it.) secondly, the chainsaw. after about 2 kills the saw would get gummed up by meat or the blade would be so dull from cutting bones. lastly, the shotgun. to add onto the "gibbing" theory, a shotgun does not cause a full body explosion. rather at point blank the pellets would be tight enough and with enough power to blow a hole straight through the baddie. at medium range it would be powerful penetration and decent stopping power. at far range it is useless, the pellets lose velocity and the spread even on a full choke gun becomes wide. so basically a close range shot would blow the skull off of anything short of iron construction (tank bitch). and the pellet spread should be different at different ranges...it seems rather the same wide ass spread to me the whole time. Id powered down the shotgun for some reason...and being white trash i do not appreciate their ungrateful portrayal. if you wish to counter rant me go nuts, but Id started this thread by trying to add realism to a game where...a package with a red cross on it heals a broken neck?
  16. cannibalpostman

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    it tears up into wood chips because plant cells will divide evenly...if you've ever noticed by breaking up a dead leaf. animal cells however stick together so you couldnt uniformly tear up flesh like wood. also, yes, the demon bodies are supposed to be extremely tough and muscular. muscle strands stick together and would be the hardest material for the chainsaw...this may be why the chainsaw didnt work the best on hell knights/barons in the regular doom when they actually did look badass instead of like retarted turok 2 creatures.
  17. cannibalpostman

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    s1lent, i just want to thank you for being respectful. i was trying to be in the first place but when people started assaulting my integrity, i went to their level directly.
  18. cannibalpostman

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    ok, i later replied that i realize mars is smaller so you would go slower in reality....so stop commenting on mars after my patch post. DD_133 wrote: "4 words: This. Is. A. Game. Now if anyone would take the time to NOT bitch and whine about it maybe they would like it." if you read the last sentance of my post it explains why i didnt want a dipshit 5th grade response as quoted by dd_133. scuba steve wrote: have you ever used a real chainsaw before? now, do you think i would know the mechanics of a chainsaw and how it couldnt expel the meat the chain pulls in UNLESS i had used one before? im practically co-owner of the stihl company i have so many chainsaws, maybe you should invest in some time outside of your basement. oh, and if this thread leaks off onto hitler, rasputin or stalin again...moderator please close it, prefferably after this post.
  19. cannibalpostman

    Id made somethings real and some not...

    I now realize mars was smaller...but wouldnt that make you run slower at least? and as far as hitler goes, he pulled germany out of the worst depression in world history. Great leader, horrible person.