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  1. Jonin

    How to modify light properties?

    Guys I just figured it out.The problem was if your running the editor in full screen mode, It dont work. I just noticed an error in the inspector window when tried again. Cannot run the light editor in fullscreen mode. Set r_fullscreen to 0 and vid_restart. I went back in the console and ran those 2 console commands and it put the editor in window mode.Then it worked. Thanks for the help. I once again get the idiot of the day award for missing something simple.
  2. Jonin

    How to modify light properties?

    I'm still missing this thing for some reason.This is what I'm doing... I right click on the map and choose to add a light. I then adjust the height of the light to whatever I want. Then, with the light still selected, I press the J key,but I dont see any dialog boxes or anything.The only thing I can see that seems to do anything with the light is if I click on the entity tab in the texture browser window. I can then see information about the light, and a place where i can type in keys and values. I seem to just be missing the dialog box after hitting the J key. Can you guys see what I'm missing here? I'm using the editor within doom, not radiant. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. Jonin

    How to modify light properties?

    I dont see that it does.
  4. Jonin

    How to modify light properties?

    How do I set brightness on a light. I dont see anything in the inspector for brightness. Probably something simple I'm missing again. Thanks for any help.
  5. Jonin

    How to add in sinks, desks. etc.

    Nevermind I just figured it out :)
  6. Jonin

    How to add in sinks, desks. etc.

    I can see them in the inspector under models, but I can't figure out how to get them in the level, if i right click i see all these options to add in, but not the sink models, or the other stuff.It has to be something really simple I'm missing. Thanks for any help. Jonin
  7. Jonin

    What resolution do you guys use for editing?

    Thanks Darkhaven
  8. Jonin

    So who's going to edit for Doom3?

    I've always dabbled with editors before, but I'd like to really try with doom,as it looks like you can do some really good stuff with it.
  9. I've tried calling up the editor in 1024 by 768 but that still seems like theres not enough room on the screen.What are you guys using?