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  1. Just a few hours, can't wait for this one. Bonus point for the boxart thing, don't see that too often.
  2. DerBlanca

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    Yes, and they do release maps from time to time (most recent was a few months ago)... in their DW statuses. No other uploads that I know of.
  3. DerBlanca

    Stupidest wads available for GZDOOM.

    With good peace of all parties involved, Galassi's maps and the various diss / trash talk maps they spawned are pretty much the nadir of Doom mapping.
  4. DerBlanca

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Oh and forgot, Resurgence. Yeah, that's a pretty good one too.
  5. DerBlanca

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Easy pick: Icarus - Alien Vanguard. Talosian Incident is a close second.
  6. DerBlanca

    What keeps Doom modding alive?

    It's hands down the easiest game to mod.
  7. DerBlanca

    What is your best tip for beginners?

    Some very strange paragons to take. Some people enjoy actual meaningful combat. Anyway, I'd say the basic beginner advice is the same as with other art form: make sure you learn all the rules before breaking them. Make a few nice looking techbases where everything is perfectly aligned, combat is serviceable and pleasant, geometry is mostly orthogonal, and so on. Then, once you can make stuff like that with both eyes closed, decide on your own which rules are worth keeping, and which worth breaking, with a slant on the latter if appropriate.
  8. DerBlanca

    Freedoom needs more attention

    Honestly, all this gratuitous trash talk on a free passion project only makes me regret I didn't contribute.
  9. DerBlanca

    Freedoom needs more attention

    I don't know... people wanted to create this thing, they did, hopefully they had fun doing it. Not sure what's the point of splitting hair about supposed 'usefulness', points to be had or higher purposes. Don't you ever do stuff... just because you can? just because it wasn't there before, and you want it to be there?
  10. DerBlanca

    Why do we mod?

    Because it keeps my OCD at bay.
  11. DerBlanca


    As of last stream, there will be a big box, as well as potentially a I+II combined big box.
  12. DerBlanca


    And polish. And playtesting. And music (according to the lastest stream it's being made but not done yet). And planning visuals / paraphernalia / big box / etc etc. He'll probably make it by Dec 10th but there isn't a whole lot of leeway. Personally, if it makes for a better product, I really don't care if it comes out December 10th or January 10th. It's just dates, whatever.