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  1. Shockwav3

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    I'm having a hard time dealing with this. It's quite frightening to think of what causes him to decide for this step. He was one of the coolest guys around and even tho I never was really close with him, this hurts me a lot. Farewell Jason
  2. Shockwav3

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    this is not going along the sheme, so feel free to skip this post. Me and toke were never good friends. In fact we prolly flamed each other half of the time we spent on IRC together. But seeing a member of the community going like that always hurts. It feels weird and surreal to read that all this happened about the time I tried to msg him last saturday (for whatever reason). Even tho I never knew Dylan I can only give my condolences to his family and friends. It's saddening to see someone go this way, especially when you both went to the same chatrooms for years. He will be missed.
  3. Shockwav3

    Do you use emulators?

    Spectrum - RealSpectrum-0.96.27 or EmuZWin-1.6 (sucks but has general sound support) Atari 8 Bit - Atari800Win-4.0 Atari 16 Bit - Steem Engine-3.2 Commodore C64 - WinVICE-1.19 Commodore 264 Computers - YAPE-0.63 Amiga - WinUAE-1.2 Amstrad CPC - WinAPE-2.0A8 or WinCPC-0.9.22 Enterprise 128 - Enterprise32-1.19 Hope you agree with that or you're damned to use sucky emulation. Needless to say i own almost all boxes emulated by those programs.
  4. Shockwav3

    Age at which you lost your V-plates

    18 and actually enjoyed it.
  5. Shockwav3

    lol internet!

    mallis kicks ass and how does "libel" and "defamation" apply to a nobody?
  6. Shockwav3

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

  7. Shockwav3

    The /newstuff Chronicles #239

    worst newstuff ever.
  8. Shockwav3

    The /newstuff Chronicles #225

    -20:33:29- (@Carnevil_) DD_133: You better fucking mention 96b in /newstuff -20:33:32- (@Carnevil_) Even if there's no wads for it
  9. Shockwav3

    [KDiZD] Official Trailer Released

    <bloodshedder>developement development</bloodshedder>
  10. Shockwav3

    [KDiZD] Official Realm667 Section Opened!

    super narcists are go!
  11. Shockwav3

    Christianity in Action

    same shit, other day
  12. Shockwav3

    The /newstuff Chronicles #212

    SP is mine! seems like a rather boring week except for halo of wonders and decapctf
  13. Shockwav3

    great wad?

  14. Shockwav3

    The /newstuff Chronicles #179

  15. Shockwav3

    Action DooM

    teh funney has left the building.