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  1. Shockwav3

    Whatever happened to dwango9.wad

    Great to finally know the backstory, after 25 years ... and being a part of resolving it - even tho the bulk credit of course goes to hdrambo, doomkid, Voyager7, dmage and everyone else involved. The "no such wad ever existed" on rarefiles always felt unsatisfying, even back in ~2000 - even when it remains technically/publically correct. This thread finally puts an end to that :) It's amazing that while there never was an official dwango9 released that the map which lead to the recent discoveries, leading to Doomkids conclusion of "no, but technically yes" which I agree with, managed to have a life of its' own - thanks for sharing beta4ev.wad. About picking up on the ties, I just checked out the whole .zip linked in the initial post back to front one night, discarding stuff I knew from "back then" (I'm part of the 'rebound' era, starting with csdoom and later moving on to zdaemon/skulltag til 2005 or 2006) or which felt like something else - the dwango9 texture of course helped a ton. Always found 80s/90s data time capsules to be extremely interesting and have a background with reverse engineering (I've made a gadget compatible to the disney sound source a few years back - likely based upon my teen ways of thinking "how is a company like disney involved with such a violent game" when seeing the sound option in wolf3d 25+ years back), so it was a given to not leave things at "oh, a dwango9 texture, cool". Feels great to know my initial suspicion was "kinda right" :)
  2. Shockwav3

    Whatever happened to dwango9.wad

    Probably it's worth checking for dupes of map01 from dwango!.wad as well ... no idea how, but it completely passed me by that it also used the wolf6 texture in question. It's also another Map01 modification I'm not familiar with (not that I could possibly remember every Map01 mod I ever played). See: https://i.imgur.com/roFBapt.png
  3. Woah! Where have you been for 13 years?!

  4. Shockwav3

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Any idea what the midi for map14 from tlsd2004.wad might be?
  5. Shockwav3

    Whatever happened to dwango9.wad

    Some dwango9-unrelated progress regarding above archive. Dwango1.exe has been cracked and indeed just contained an encrypted copy of dwango1.wad. File contents are 100% identical. On a positive note, the file date was successfully restored. Dwango1.wad is dated 14th of February 1995 6:35PM Digging through my backups I found this a maphack of D5M1 used by members of clan ABC (Anti BFG Clan) on zdaemon back in 2003/2004 before it had integrity checks, basically acting like a wallhack. While it supposedly was suspected for a while, I managed to talk Eligio into sharing the file with me on Doom Connector. Wad integrity checking got added to zdaemon shortly after making that info public.
  6. w00t, first post in 13 years (and I still have that amazing custom title)! inspired by doomkid's great This 20-Year-Old Doom Mystery STILL Isn't Solved.. video I remembered that Dwango9 supposedly was lost in time or as falconer from rarefiles (a former Dwango moderator) put it NO SUCH WAD EVER EXISTED. Yet with some effort powered by google I managed to stumble upon this: Zipped archive of ALL the wads played on the HOUSTON DWANGO service in 94'. It contains a file called "DWANGO!.WAD" which seems to be a compilation mostly made up of Map01 modifications, where I found this. The font for the "DWANGO" lettering seems to be the same used for the DWANGOX logo, albeit scaled slightly different. The same map is also used as the first map in BLUDBATH.WAD (another interesting, yet probably unconnected file is D10BETA.WAD which seems to be an early version of DWANGOX.WAD, as most maps from the final version are present, as well as the one used for the title screen). BLUDBATH.WAD seems to have been released some time in 1996 as it borrows sound effects from Quake. Sadly all those files come without .txts so this lone screenshot/lump is the only legit trace (til now) indicating that there may have been a DWANGO9 at some point - even if it was renamed before release. Considering DWANGO/BBSes were decentralized services I'm still up for the theory that some temporal confusion might have lead to DWANGO9 being renamed to X or 10. The fact that DWANGO never was part of the internet of course makes it kinda hard to hope that some kind of archive can be found on the internet, but maybe someone else still has their files from back in the day which might shed some light? EDIT: About the dwango1.exe in that archive, I'm already in the process of cracking it - the bruteforce program for "norton secret stuff" takes up to 3 days tho, why I'm only at 30% right now - not that I expect anything interesting other than a dupe of dwango1.wad to come out of it. EDIT2: I'm aware of this "fake dwango9.wad" supposedly made some time in 2018 by the same author who made dwango13.wad
  7. Shockwav3

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    I'm having a hard time dealing with this. It's quite frightening to think of what causes him to decide for this step. He was one of the coolest guys around and even tho I never was really close with him, this hurts me a lot. Farewell Jason
  8. Shockwav3

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    this is not going along the sheme, so feel free to skip this post. Me and toke were never good friends. In fact we prolly flamed each other half of the time we spent on IRC together. But seeing a member of the community going like that always hurts. It feels weird and surreal to read that all this happened about the time I tried to msg him last saturday (for whatever reason). Even tho I never knew Dylan I can only give my condolences to his family and friends. It's saddening to see someone go this way, especially when you both went to the same chatrooms for years. He will be missed.
  9. Shockwav3

    Do you use emulators?

    Spectrum - RealSpectrum-0.96.27 or EmuZWin-1.6 (sucks but has general sound support) Atari 8 Bit - Atari800Win-4.0 Atari 16 Bit - Steem Engine-3.2 Commodore C64 - WinVICE-1.19 Commodore 264 Computers - YAPE-0.63 Amiga - WinUAE-1.2 Amstrad CPC - WinAPE-2.0A8 or WinCPC-0.9.22 Enterprise 128 - Enterprise32-1.19 Hope you agree with that or you're damned to use sucky emulation. Needless to say i own almost all boxes emulated by those programs.
  10. Shockwav3

    Age at which you lost your V-plates

    18 and actually enjoyed it.
  11. Shockwav3

    lol internet!

    mallis kicks ass and how does "libel" and "defamation" apply to a nobody?
  12. Shockwav3

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

  13. Shockwav3

    The /newstuff Chronicles #239

    worst newstuff ever.
  14. Shockwav3

    The /newstuff Chronicles #225

    -20:33:29- (@Carnevil_) DD_133: You better fucking mention 96b in /newstuff -20:33:32- (@Carnevil_) Even if there's no wads for it
  15. Shockwav3

    [KDiZD] Official Trailer Released

    <bloodshedder>developement development</bloodshedder>