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  1. KLittle123

    After beating the game.

    I just wanted to know what some of you people thought about doom 3 after you finished the game. Now that I finished it. I think im more obsessed with it than when I was playing it and the final boss was very kick ass to face. I was just wandering what some of you thought.
  2. KLittle123

    I want an expansion

    Man now that i've finished Doom 3 I want more...do you think that Doom 3 will have a expansion...
  3. KLittle123


    Have any of you had this same thing when you run fraps and Doom 3 you get like graphics corruption...I was running fraps and I got it then I turned it off and played doom again and it was fine.
  4. KLittle123

    lamest monster

    Rock on man
  5. KLittle123

    IS there any way for a dial up user

    I was wandering if there was anyway for a dial up user to somehow play multiplayer. I have a good graphics card and I was wandering if I turned the settings and turned a bunch of crap off if I could play it???
  6. KLittle123

    upgrading question

    Oh he's right I didn't know it said 9200. Yeah those suck reeeeally bad. Like i've said in another post those are wal-mart cars. we don't want that.
  7. KLittle123

    upgrading question

    I'd get a better processor than the 1700+ its only like a 1.4ghz processor. I'd be shooting for something higher but Im thinking that the graphics card you chose would boost the frames. but there really isn't any purpose of getting that if there really isn't much of a difference. you have like the same hard drive and the same RAM and what not...I'd go for better with that graphics card I'd go for a AMD Athlon XP 2500+. You'd probably get a good frame rate.
  8. KLittle123

    Graphics Board for Doom3

    Hehe Lol, but I use a BFG Tech. nVidia GeForce FX 5600 256mb
  9. KLittle123

    Help for some at least

    yes im trying to make fun of that one guy above.
  10. KLittle123

    ATI Radeon 9200 (SE) or GeForce FX 5200

    He's totally right they're both wal-mart cards.
  11. KLittle123

    Interesting thing about the oxygen

    Why is it that like at the beginning when you get off the ship your outside (atleast I think.) and you don't need oxygen cells or like run out of oxygen but later in the game you run out of oxygen when your running across the surface.
  12. KLittle123

    Help for some at least

    Wow Im running a Athlon XP 2700+ with 512MB RAM and a GeForce 5600 256mb card with NO LAG AT ALL!!! ISN'T THAT SUPER COOL.
  13. KLittle123

    Why does my Doom 3 run slow?

    Its the card man...5200 sort of suck...my friend got one that was a FX 5200 and it was 256mb and it lagged like crap.
  14. KLittle123

    Getting weird "heat ripples" when moving????

    if you overclocked your graphics card that could be why.
  15. KLittle123

    Doom 3 for Xbox

    yeah I agree I've seen the pics of the Xbox Doom 3 screenshots and they look like serious shit..yes I know that they're pics but they look really trashy...I think that Doom 3 should stay solo on computer not only because of the graphics being sucky on Xbox but just because PC Rules and Consoles are a cheap piece of crap that everytime a new one comes out it turns more and more into a computer...
  16. KLittle123

    IS there any way for a dial up user

    Yes I got the point after two people said it...
  17. KLittle123

    is there gonna be a doom3 (hell on earth) mod?

    I actually hope that Id doesn't lend the license out to another company. that would suck. I don't know If I would buy it if it wasn't make by Carmack.
  18. KLittle123


    Ooooooooooooooooooooh ok.
  19. KLittle123

    Why lose guns?

    They did it to make it complicated...
  20. KLittle123

    Ladder problem in Doom 3!!!

    Thats what my friend did and he said that it worked fine...good thinking.
  21. KLittle123

    Help! Less than 1fps in game!

    Actually my opinion is that if you buy a new graphic card it might run better but yeah even if you had a good processor a 64mb graphic card would lag really bad.
  22. KLittle123

    doom load problems,

    I read that large blob of text...But I really don't know what the question is.
  23. KLittle123

    After beating the game.

    You have a 6800 GT. Im jealous...you suck...
  24. KLittle123

    Doom 3 Comci Strips

    Actually I did see this really good Doom 3 comic strip I think it was on Gamespy or some big website like that...maybe it was IGN.com...I don't know I forget though.
  25. KLittle123

    Doom 3 is dark how bout this...

    Splinter Cell 3 is a stealth game its supposed to be dark you don't see some spy jumping across building and walking ontop them in the middle of the day...thats just bad for business... And Alone in the DARK...gee who would have thought that game would have been dark...not that its in the name or anything...and Quake....Quake is just old.