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  1. Zerodeath

    Help install mods...

    Yah, if you don't overlap it works fine. I got the utral shadows, ungibbiler, and another body mode that adds blood. All in one mod folders I've titled Single Player Mods.
  2. Zerodeath

    doom 3 = average

    I heard theres a way to get Doom 3 to work on any OS. Not too sure how though, I saw a topic for it somewhere. It was either here or planetdoom.com
  3. Zerodeath

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    Before the invasion before HW is a room called Combat Prep, after you get the order to goto the Under city type place, you can go in. There keypad, you must enter the correct 3 digits to get in. I am positive you can find the correct 3. I know that if you noclip in you can pick up the armor, plasma rifle/ pistol/ shotgun etc. etc. I am too tired at the current moment to try to figure out this 3 digit code. PS. I am not far into the game either... EDIT: I went and got the pistol and stuff after no clipping into it and out of everything I picked up I had nothing, except a soul cube...?
  4. Zerodeath

    "Low" end.

    His specs: Pentium 4 1.3 GHZ 512 MB RAM Geforce 3 Ti200 (64mb) Latest Detonator Drivers ( No AA, No Anisotropic, Highest Performance in control panel ) He runs Doom 3 with Ulta High, 800x600 Resolution, No shadows, and judders with 2+ enemies or a lot of active machinery in a room. Other than that his is doing quite good, for a very low end computer.
  5. Zerodeath

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Science may say you cant notice anything different between 60 and 100 but I know for a fact if you play 100 for a long time, you will notice a little different. One of the differences on CS for me (Mind you this I dont think has to do with me.) But everything seems a tad slower with vsync on limiting it to 60fps rather than my stable 100. My gun fires slower everything looks like its moving slower. So that may be game oriented but even if it is then its proven the eye can tell a difference between 60 and 100. No one stated what kind of difference.
  6. Zerodeath

    My embittered assault on doom 3 (hint: I’m pissed.)

    I did no guesswork I worked with what you said, and told you the truth of how your lucky the camera doesn't spasm/swing more than it does. Remember majority of these things are demons, you know things with inhuman strength? I am not trying to offend you but if thats how you want to see it so be it. I am simply telling you my opinion on your statement. I never knew that became a internet attack or anything. I dont have 'Bad blood with people online' if anyone hates someone else online they need to goto a therapist... Once again I am not slashing out at you.
  7. Zerodeath


    You also may find that extracting the .pk4 files in the doom 3/base directory then putting them in a folder. (IF you have about 2+ more gigs of space and above 600-700 ram) it will help you out on fps, doesn't really affect peoples fps if they got 2.2ghz+ if I recall...
  8. Zerodeath

    My embittered assault on doom 3 (hint: I’m pissed.)

    So you basically think if you get clawed your head isn't going to move a litte? In reality you would be thrown back quite a bit and easily to the ground from almost everything that melees in this game. I found the flashlight quite good in this game, I must admit for how futuristic this game is, you think the light would be a lot brighter. let alone not even be a hand-held.
  9. Zerodeath

    1st action scene

    Its just due to where you stood, I didnt get hit by one, what happens is one flies into the giant monitor onto one of the screens showing a marine and shows him being possesed and you can see a skull appear behind him. Then one flies into the scientist. Or atleast thats what happened for me.
  10. Zerodeath

    How do you get the mod to load...

    How do you get the mod to load before you start the game up? Is there a string I can add to the shortcut to load it..?
  11. Zerodeath

    Help install mods...

    < I didnt know if I should put this here or in technical supprt, move as needed > I tried what the readme said to install ultra_graphics thingie. It said put the .pk4 in doom 3/base, launch game and goto mods and enable it. However I goto the Mod list to only see Doom 3. What have I done wrong...? EDIT: Remove this, ths readme didn't state put goto Doom 3 dir, make a folder, put .pk4 file in it. However now I got a new question, if I put two mods in the same folder, could I load them both at once allowing me to have the changes of both...?
  12. Zerodeath

    Coop leftovers?

    Yah, Microsoft always wants something to aid there monopoly... Anyways, if co-op is being limited to Xbox I wouldn't be too surprised if a Co-op ptch was released shortly after the Doom3 Xbox is released.
  13. Zerodeath

    The only Doom 3 mod you'll ever care about.

    I wasn't aware 'Action Doom' was copyrighted...
  14. Zerodeath

    doom 3 = average

    I got this game roughly 6 hours ago, I've been up for roughly 32 hours now. <I seem to be having a sleep probme, let alone tornado warnings are goign for my area currently> Trust me when you need sleep badly, got a GOOD surround sound system and can run High/Ultra High without stuttering and can have the sound as loud as you want. You will jump. Mind you play on the hardest difficulty and have the lights off. Helps a ton. This game may not be scary if I was well rested, but as seeing the game is killing my tiredness <Adrenaline?> to a degree, I keep playing it. This game looks well done on High/Ultra High. Doom 3 = Most grahpically adv. game at the current time. Doom Series = One of longest running series that finally got a well deserved sequel. Anyways I'm done my rambling... I also think its time I went to sleep... <reluctantly turns his chair from his laptop to his pc and turns of doom 3>