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  1. incubusspawn

    If the game is so Linear

    Linear as in the individual levels :P One path on most levels. Not very realistic for such a huge facility. Besides I actually was hopeing for a hub system.
  2. incubusspawn

    There isn't an official forum for Doom3 is there?

    I am not pathetic enough to be asking for the patch yet, just info on what it is going to focus on :P
  3. incubusspawn

    What was the most annoying way you died?

    The most annoying way I died was the stupid jump aeas. Jump, miss, fall one story, die, reload.
  4. incubusspawn

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    for me the only noticeable differance was the imps. All other differances where minor at best.
  5. incubusspawn

    There isn't an official forum for Doom3 is there?

    does anyone know the other part of this post as in what I was hopeing to find?
  6. incubusspawn

    first lost soul?

    there is a lost soul on the video before it goes caput when you find the scientist. BUt if you are refering to the flying ghostly souls that turn people into zombies, I don't think those are lost souls. Speaking of wich isn't there a few times when it attempts to turn our marine into zombie, some of those red screens made me think that was what was happening, but they seem to be commonly seen as tweaking. maybe it is both.
  7. incubusspawn

    If the game is so Linear

    I figured it has something to do with me on a mx card :o, I will be getting a ti card in the next few months, I want to play this game with fuller flavour and With Sims 2 and Black and White 2 comeing out I am about to have plenty enough games that need more video power to justify buying a new card. But I am only going up to a geforce 4 ti 128 ddr card. Anything better will have to wait for my next motherboard/cpu combo.
  8. incubusspawn

    Mars City (escape)

    you have to expect sarcasm in FPS forums it seems to be the nature of the beast. IF I had time I would have warned you not mention returning it for youre money back oh well. The only forum I have witnessed with more sarcasm than FPS is the Age game forums. I tend to get sarcastic myself but usually in a friendly way. and therefor it rem,ains unoticed or unapreciated ;(
  9. incubusspawn

    If the game is so Linear

    For me the flash light bleaches out the walls, it is only usefull in open spaces, makeing it useless for finding dark crawl holes. I like the darkness as well, but that flashlight just sucks. The light itself looks almost like a solid object. at least it has a good battery But I would have prefered the challenge of haveing to use the light sparingly. Not compareing the games but when it came to flash lights the way Unreal 1 did was awesome. I find it funny how they have endless batteries for the flash light, but the oxy tanks are only good for about thirty seconds. I wonder how they built the base in the first place if the workers had to stop every thirty seconds to replace thier tanks :D
  10. incubusspawn

    There isn't an official forum for Doom3 is there?

    Look up. LOL kidding. I avoid all planet sites anyway save for the occasional info I cannot find anywhere else.
  11. incubusspawn

    If the game is so Linear

    I think that most stuck places involve the dark areas with a crawl place to get through, or Items that may be easily missed due to the darkness. People with monitors that are generaly darker by nature probably have a very difficult time with this game. I am very carefull when I buy monitors, I make sure that if it is dark I can increase brightness without bleaching the screen. Gamma increase does not allways help either.
  12. incubusspawn

    There isn't an official forum for Doom3 is there?

    then there is no need for me to move to it ;) lol
  13. incubusspawn

    first lost soul?

    what is a lesbo anyway? If you mean lesbian they are pretty fun with long hair too, ( fun for boy toys like me that is ) :p No I am not offended but am just a little sick of the stereo types people tell me to live with and get over it too ;)
  14. is this forum as close as it gets to being official? I was wanting to look if there is any patch information, as in what will be in it not when it will be out, I don't get antsy for patches unless the game is unplayable without one or it has been more than 6 months since release. I am hopeing it will focus on flashlight improvements, level optimizations, and multiplayer for those of us that have unpaked the pak fiels. againi for those who read first two lines and reply I am looking for info not release :P
  15. incubusspawn

    Doom 3 Too Repetitive

    why did he use a chain gun when the shot gun is the perfect pesticide? If you are running out of ammo the machine gun kills the spiders quickly enough to not use chain gun, and the plasma kills the spider with a one two ( just tap it do not hold and fire ) ps they are not endless :p I thought you where going to mention the repetive level design :O oh and believe it or not the pistol is good too unless you are surrounded by them. Infact a great way to save ammo is to use the pistol whenever possible. NOt as powerfull as grace but its ok.