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  1. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    thank you for changing the thread topic, by the way.
  2. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    http://www.ati.com/support/infobase/4587.html <=== has probably been the single best modification i've done so far. it gets rid of the weird split shadowing on ati chips, but may slow down your fps a bit. at least for me, it was worth it. unfortunately, i had to get all the way to hell to find that out ;). also, my laptop is plugged in 24 hours a day. thanks for mentioning the battery life issue, but i think most of us have it under control.
  3. bennett

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    hey look, my fps went from 20 to 15!
  4. bennett

    ATI Shadowing problem - half dark half light

    i have this also. as of yet, no solution.
  5. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    try patje's mod. read the intro to this thread (#1). it should allow you to install cat 4.7 drivers.
  6. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    there should be a small panel on the back of your laptop. open it (you may need a screwdriver) and you should see your ram, along with any open slots available for it.
  7. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    Are you using factory or omega drivers for your 320m? I found that the omegas actually slowed performance, so I went with the catalyst mod. I suppose you could overclock with the omegas, but that seems like a potentially bad idea for a laptop, especially given how hot most of them run natually. I'm afraid I'd fry my motherboard.
  8. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    Maybe the manufacturer thinks that 128 will suck too much from your system RAM and slow down your computer or something. I wish I knew. It doesn't seem to hinder XP performance for me at all.
  9. bennett

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    oh, my specs: Sony Vaio PCG-K13 2.8 ghz Pentium IV ATI Radeon 345m graphics chip 528 mb SDRAM 40 GB HD Windows XP home SP 1
  10. I bought doom 3 today expecting not to be able to play it on my sony pcg-k13 laptop, and of course, I wasn't disappointed. Maybe my poor little 4 month old Sony fits within the specs for the game in some ways, but nevertheless, after installation, it ran just about as well as I thought it would, meaning I was plagued with shading problems, a frame rate of about 1 fps, bad loading times, etc. However, just like with Star Wars: Galaxies, after a bit of research, I was able to play the game normally, with a pretty decent framerate. Maybe the graphics aren't stellar, but still, it works and is completely playable- which is the important thing. I may even be able to bump up the resolution (haven't experimented with that yet). Anyway, so what I did and what I plan to do to make it even better: note: This thread can also be used as a resource for those with ati "ram sharing" notebook chipsets such as the 320, 340, or 345m, in order to improve general performance to play Doom 3. And to other posters on this forum- feel free to refer to this thread if you get any other "CAN MY LAPTOP RUN THIS GAME?!?!" threads, which seem to be pretty common and annoying in every Doom 3 Technical Issues forum. 1) Mod your drivers using Patje's mobility modding tool to Catalyst drivers. They WILL work with mobility chips! The mod app is available at driverheaven.net. Just go to Patje's mod, download the app, and follow the instructions. It's pretty self explanatory. Download the Catalyst drivers. Run cat drivers, then error results. Run Patje's and rerun cat installation. Buy Patje a pint. Done. 2) Max out your shared graphics ram to 128 mb. You can do this in your system BIOS by hitting F2 when your notebook boots, then change the settings appropriately. This will help out your poor notebook's graphics chip some more, but possibly at the expense of windows xp performance. If you're concerned about RAM, buy another 528mb stick. Your notebook will thank you for this. 3) Perform Doom 3 tweaks as you see appropriate. I did the "seta image_cacheMegs "XX"" in doomconfig to 128, which seemed to help a bit. I haven't attempted the "extract pk4 files" mod yet, where you extract all the .pk4 files using an extraction utility to avoid compression delays, but I will probably do that at some point. 4) Turn off most special effects, most importantly, shadows. Shadows appears to slow down fps the most of any systems option, so turn it off. If your fps isn't acceptable, turn off some others. Unfortunately you don't have a gaming machine, so get rid of these. You can still enjoy the game, however, and it will look quite nice. I currently have the game running on the lowest resolution, because I'd much rather have a smoother framerate than better graphics, but you may think differently. I'm pretty sure it will operate at a higher resolution but I have yet to try that.