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  1. Igor


    I'm sorry I can't finish E1M3 because I don't really have the time anymore. I hope someone else can make e1m3.
  2. Igor


    I can help with mapping for this project. If it is ok I'll be glad to make E1M3 for you.
  3. Igor

    Paintball Doom Mod

    No that's ok. I was hoping you would say that. It's very good you're sticking with the old textures. I'll send the maps as soon as they're finished.
  4. Igor

    Paintball Doom Mod

    Ok, I'll start making some maps. I'll send them when they are ready. It's not a problem if they don't have any special features, right? And if you want to use alternate textures, just send them to me.
  5. Igor

    Paintball Doom Mod

    Well? Am I in or not? And should the levels be classic Doom style?
  6. Igor


    Now that would be an idea!
  7. Igor


    I have some unreleased wads http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26763 I can help you out with mapping.
  8. Igor

    Unreleased wads

    Ok maybe I can go ask them. Thanks!
  9. Igor

    Unreleased wads

    But that's gonna use some sort of port. Mine are actually for vanilla Doom. They have no special features or anything.
  10. Igor

    Unreleased wads

    Hi. I've still got some unreleased wads for Doom 1. My intention was to create a Retro project so all of the levels look a bit like the original ones. Since I'm currently working on a different project I don't really have the time to finish this one. If anyone is starting a project and needs some levels, let me know. I can make some new wads for a project too if mine are included.
  11. Igor

    Paintball Doom Mod

    Is this for the demo version or for the full game? If you are going to make more maps, I'm willing to help you out with 1 or 2 more maps.
  12. Igor

    More Frags!

    ALWAYS keep moving. A target that moves is harder to hit. Look multiple times behind you when you walk in long halls. Don't use rocket launchers in large rooms. The rockets can be dodged easily be dodged. Don't ignore the potions, small medkits and armor helmets. They can help more than you think. When you open a door, stand back or step aside. Campers could be waiting with a rocket launcher behind the door. I can't really think of more things at the moment but I hope these are useful.
  13. Igor

    Hate being attacked?

    A monster like the Demon should have many hitpoints. They only can attack at short range so if you can kill them with one or two shots from the shotgun before they have a fair chance to reach you, there isn't really a challenge.
  14. Igor

    TechnoBabel (image intensive)

    Are you kidding? That map is HUGE! I can't wait to play it.
  15. Igor

    [Torment & Torture] LE : "Fury of Fire" released!

    Well it's the truth. I've played most of them and I had no complaints at all except the bug in Toment & torture LE but since I don't play on skills 1 & 2 I didn't have that problem with the gate :-)