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  1. Cacodemon

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    I was buried in PhD work the last 2 - 3 years and barely had time to even check newstuff. Now that I finally found some time I see these sad news. I wish I was able to do something about it, or would have been able earlier since some colleagues of mine also researched anti cancer treatments also for hardly operable brain tumors. So I can just stay with gratefulness for his work and respect for such an old DooMer. It is always sad to see the good people go. I wish a lot of strength and positiveness for his family now and the DooM community. *floats up hissing and shoots a salute Caco-fireball for Ty*
  2. Cacodemon

    The source is (finally) with us...

    Humm. Nice to hear that the sauce is finally there. But these "security reasons" bother me. I mean, huh? The only explanation I see for this would be the mentioned "cheat security" but someone who really wants to cheat or was able to hack a cheat in the sources would probably also be able to find ways to cheat the binary (messing in memory or decompiling or ...). Strange.
  3. Cacodemon

    Visit to id in '93

    Aw, neat! I think I even hear the clicks of a buckling spring IBM keyboard whe he's playing. Fancy items in the demo, too.
  4. Cacodemon

    Doom Music On Piano

    Awesome stuff! That guy really knows the music. I loved the part when he was knocking on the piano, LOL. That video made my day.
  5. Cacodemon

    id's New Four Letter Word

    Looks nice. So where's the Linux port of that thing?
  6. Cacodemon

    Doom Turns Tricks

    I think it's great that DooM was ported so often. It means it is quite popular/successfull and besides that it is a goal in good software development to keep source portable. So it's usable on many different systems, so everyone can play doom whereever he/she likes. That can't be bad. And with available code developers around the world can bring it to even more systems.
  7. Cacodemon

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    This is sad. Fare the well, Assmaster. Hope you found the peace you searched for. And that you have a lot of good DooM matches whereever you have gone. *sigh* Are there overproportional many deaths in DooM community or is it normal compared to others?
  8. Cacodemon

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    The points of Kristus, Richo Rosai and SlayeR express my opinion. DooM IS Infighting! I mean it's like theatre or cinema to see 2 monsters fighting. I'd agree that "infighting 1" would make things too easy. But on classic 0 it just IS an "intergral part", it shows the "backside artwork" and it "makes the world go round". :) It would just not be DooM if classic infights are disabled. And I thought it was a tribute to DooM 1 E1?! And no, I don't consider myself cheating for setting it back to 0. I mean it's more like I fixed a bug. :p Besides that, it is not always so easy to get monsters into infighting. Sometimes I take way more damage than I had taken by just straight shooting them. (It's just my ammo preserving mentality. I mean I notice sometimes finishing large enemies/groups or even a Cybie and still having 600 cells left ... "for the emergency case"! ) Oh yeah, and as Richo said, it's kinda pointless to release something and then telling people how to do and use it and to chase them away if the use it slightly differently (not ABuse!) than it was intended. I mean I could print out the source of it, fold it to a paper hat and put it on my head an you couldn't do anything against it. DooM is expected to have infights and it's just a feature that zdoom supports extended infighting. You can't forbid people to switch back to the infighting they're used to. Next time you come and tell me "Nah! Not right around, not right around! We took out turning to the right in our wad cause we wanted to. You must turn all the way left around or you are a cheater. Bwahaaa! And walking forward is also forbidden. Play something else if you don't like walking backwards all the time, you mean forward-walking-enabled-cheater!" :p Or do you just need someone to point at and say "Cheater, cheater!" ? At the end I played the first levels without infighting til I noticed and I just turned it back to 0. Really thought more of that being a bug or something to prevent errors in beauty. And all complaints about cheating or not will not keep me from playing it.
  9. Cacodemon

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Now that I read it: Yes, INFIGHTING -1 sucked indeed. I'm used to the normal INFIGHTING 0 mode to get them into slaying each other and so saving a good deal of ammo. So I did here and wondered why it wouldn't happen even with bullet shooting folks. So I checked the state of INFIGHTING and instantly set it back to 0 and I'm fine now. Some of these darker red demons fight normal demons sometimes but that's nothing that bothers me.
  10. Cacodemon

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Does it invalidate the savegames? That bit me hard the last updates. Being in a megawad, updating zdoom and then "the save is from an old version an incompatible" blarrrgh! Sure! You mean... you mean I can transport it somehow? I thought I jumped on it pusing walls around, shooting it and such things... I'll research that box in the neighbor alcove again. And maybe with a newer zdoom version. Thx!
  11. Cacodemon

    Knee Deep in ZDoom released

    Wow. Looks like somethings going on here. Flamewars and such. Anyway. I'm just in E1M3 (sorry Z1M3 or whatever), and I liked most of the wad yet. New rotating sprites confused me at first (the medkits; I thought there were 2 versions of medikits/stimpacks) but I soon got behind the idea. I noticed a few jumps in skill, means a fluffy level turns hard quickly sometimes. But I still managed it on UV so I'm fine with it. Had a script (151) error (331) in map z1m3 at the ladder (couldn't climb it somehow) but maybe my zdoom version wasn't up to date. I like the level, still reminding me of the oridinal ones. Detail is right nice, gameplay fine, just a few secrets seem to be nearly unreachable (e.g. the underwater key which is behind bars in muddy water in 1-3, just found no way to get rid of the bars; and the service hatch, can reach up there dahmit and nothing to climb on (i know by IDDT that there should be something but I can't rise it)). And I like the monster variations. That shadow imp is quite nice and that rotten/mummified one (soul collector?) just looks great. I hope to see more stuff like it in later levels. Maybe more when I'm done with the wad but my time is limited due to university. But it looks very nice at all.
  12. Cacodemon

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    Well, that sounds like a reason. Without a doubt RH/Fedora is one of the major distributions with influence out there and kinda representative for Linux in the US I guess. Although I think there's a vast mass of people using the downloadable ones like Debian and derviates, or downloaded Suse/Fedora/Mandriva iso packages, or maybe funky stuff like Gentoo and similar. And none of them is sold in a box.
  13. Cacodemon

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    I wonder why they took just Redhat Linux and not the Linux Kernel in general or the GNU tools. Anyway, if DooM and free software make it into the tops it's fine. And I agree, it's kinda strange to compare hardware with software or services.
  14. Cacodemon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #303

    Aww, newstuff at Easter holiday. And I'm going to play DooM board game with friends this evening. Well, I guess monday will still be fine to check the wads.
  15. Cacodemon

    End Game

    Dahmit. The 2nd time today. You ACTUALLY got me reading it and being 3 or 4 seconds shocked and starting to think how DooMworld would proceed further... before I realized what is going on.