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  1. Screamster

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    And you were never intended by your parents, but you don't see us complaining. j/k :D We are just having fun here. Don't be a buzz kill.
  2. Screamster

    how do you turn fps off?

    That is correct!!!
  3. Screamster

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    That sounds like a topic that needs to be discussed in a new post.
  4. Screamster


    Go to this thread: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26321 There are some great ideas for getting your laptop to run Doom 3 efficiently.
  5. Screamster

    Thank you id.

    Same here. You people at ID rock! Thanks for the greatest games ever. Every game I have ever played that you have designed has been above and beyond what I have expected. Castle Wolf, Spear of Destiny, Doom, Doom 2, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Return to Castle Wolf, and now, the ulitmate "King of all PC Games", Doom 3. In my eyes, you are the very best. Releasing a quality game with very few bugs is what ALL game designing companies should do. Not only do you pioneer the gaming industry with an extremely stable graphics engine, but you design a game to have awesome content as well. Bravo ID. Take a bow.
  6. WTF? What a bunch of losers. Stealing keys??? Thanks for the warning. I downloaded it, but did not open it yet. I will delete it when I get home. BTW - It is a very small file.
  7. Screamster

    Help with the settings please...

    You can increase the framerate by tweaking a few different option listed on this forum boards. Here are 2 simple ones: One way is to make sure you have the latest video drivers. Another way is to keep your details settings at around medium details, 800x600 for your specs. This should keep your framerates fairly quick. Which in turn means faster gameplay.
  8. Screamster

    Help with the settings please...

    How many frames do you want? It is really a personal choice. I would oppt for lower settings at a faster framerate. When you get into big fights, that is where you will see the difference. The higher the setting, the lower the framerate.
  9. Screamster

    Help with the settings please...

    Sorry. Your specs are too low. You can't play Doom 3. Just kidding! You can probably run at Medium Details at about 800x600 with about 30+ framerate.
  10. Screamster

    Game freezes after first level loads

    Make sure your video card has the latest drivers. Also, make sure you have direct x 9.0b installed(9.0c is current available at the microsoft website.) After installation of the drivers, reboot and try Doom 3. After all drivers are updated, if that doesn't work, try re-installing the game. Let us know if this works.
  11. Screamster

    How well will Doom III run?

    Your system should run pretty good. Just make sure you have the latest video card drivers.
  12. Screamster

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    Hehe. I am using the Omega Drivers(Cat 4.7). I overclocked from 154 to 193 or so. No artifacts. My fan has been running quite a bit while playing Doom 3, but seems to maintain good framerate.(15-17 on average now.) I lowered Doom 3 to 640x480 and it runs much faster. Letters look really bad, but graphically runs faster. Would going back to Cat 4.9 be better than the Omega drivers? I have also set the ATI Tools for Performance, not Quality.
  13. Screamster

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    Funny thing is that it runs better for me also. That's what makes me question it. I ran 3DMark2001 SE as well. I can see that it is using the added Ram for the video card. This looks to be the best advice so far for speeding up a laptop to run Doom 3 efficiently. I would love to see some more laptop enhancing ideas from the community here. Anyone have anything to add?
  14. Screamster

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    Hey. Great ideas! I just did the bios change to 128 and it made a big difference.(Default 64) One question though. If that card is capable of running 128 megs, why didn't they set this as a default? My laptop specs: AMD 2800+ Athlon XP-M 512 Ram ATI IGP 320M Video (64 megs from system memory) Win XP Service Pak 1 Framerate Doom 3: 10-13 FPS Everything off: Shadows, etc. Resolution: 800x600 - Low Details I also did the cache thing which helped alot. I set mine for 96 because the other 128 megs is being used by the video card now. Graphics are crap, but it runs rather smoothly.(If you call 10-13 fps on the average smooth.)