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  1. GrnKnght

    Freedoom 0.13.0 was released

    Basically, replaced or changed a ton of maps, replaced a bunch of sprites, and did a general touch-up on everything.
  2. GrnKnght

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    On a positive note, the team might be more open to including high quality textures and replacing aquatex textures, so Disregard anything I said about that.
  3. GrnKnght

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    It's a mixed bag. Episode 1 is perfect, except for E1M5 hitscan hell and an underwhelming E1M8.
  4. GrnKnght

    Which version of freedoom do these enemies come from?

    The latest version is always at: http://freedoom.soulsphere.org/ Updated semi-daily.
  5. GrnKnght

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    Disregard, fixed in latest version. Part of it is that the lump limit is 4k and they are at around 3.6k right now. Still plenty of space for new textures, but they are refusing anyway because they might reach it at some point. (how that would be possible, given the refusal to add textures without replacing old ones, I have no clue) Besides, they should replace some of the aquatex textures. They were contributed freely, and I see why people don't want to replace them (especially since some are in use right now), but they need replacement. AQPANL 01 is inexcusable. There is a green gradient that doesn't tile the metal is pillowshaded. the wear pattern is shared between surfaces that should be separate. the grill/grating thing is impossible to parse at low resolution or at an angle.
  6. GrnKnght

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    Perhaps. I just know that there is a serious push in the discord to replace the unique looking textures with more doomlike textures, quality be darned. PWAD compat is used as an excuse, and whenever I suggest alternate textures, they get rebuked because "we don't want to reach the limit" So even if the limit is large, people on the discord are using the limit as the reasoning for not being more creative. Maybe my reasoning is wrong, but there is definitely a push against making Freedoom have it's own unique feel. I want to see the project thrive as something unique, not just a doom rip-off. No longer relevent
  7. GrnKnght

    Best looking enemy?

    Going to have to be trilobite. It is the only one that really nails the insect feeling.
  8. GrnKnght

    What's left on their roadmap criteria?

    In retrospect I definitely judged the project a bit to harshly. Since my original comment, I have gotten more involved in the discord. People are definitely making good progress over there. There are still several factors that are hampering the development, and there are like half a dozen PR's that need to be merged, but we are making progress. Honestly I would have understood replacing the SSG a lot more if there was more done to distance the project from doom in other categories, particularly the portrayal of hell/horizon.
  9. GrnKnght

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    I know it includes extra textures, the issue is that https://doomwiki.org/wiki/PWAD_size_limit, also applies to IWADS, and the Iwad is already stuffed with misc doom engine assets. Aquatex is great for techbases but not so much for alien planets. If you visit the discord you'll see that they are discarding perfectly good "bonus" graphics because they are worried about reaching the limit. Vanilla compatibility has everything to do with the lack of resources. Disregard, I've changed my mind since then.
  10. GrnKnght

    My Critcisms of Freedoom

    No longer relevant, see bellow. Problem is that the project is trying to do too many things at once. People have said that the project goals are: Pwad compatible. Full vanilla limits compatible Completely distinct from doom To be distinct from doom it needs to include textures that suit it's own themes. To maintain PWAD compat it needs to include equivalents of all doom textures, and Vanilla compatibility puts a limit on the number of textures. So instead of making a TC that is really good at one thing, we have this mismatch of different goals that ends up bringing the entire project down. Personally I think we should have ditched vanilla limits a long time ago, but I have been overruled.
  11. GrnKnght

    Post your Doom textures!

    Always love to see freedoom textures. Can other people use some of them?
  12. GrnKnght

    i screwed up (DeHackEd trouble)

    For reference, both whacked and bex are plaintext files a custom extension. Some changes might make it impossible to parse with WhackEd4, but the files won't be corrupted by editing as text.
  13. GrnKnght

    Post your Doom textures!

    Corner compflat, redone from scratch, This time it uses the freedoom shawn as a base, and has a new border hand drawn to be unique, so it should be Kosher for freedoom derived projects. (anyone is free to use/modify. Same terms as freedoom.) Edit: I know it looks like it tiles awfully when used with the actual freedoom console, but the problem is with the original textures, and I can't fix it without replacing the whole bunch. Still, give it a try
  14. GrnKnght

    Post your Doom textures!

    Well, freedoom doesn't really have HD textures, but here is an idea (bit humorous): "Your Hell frozen over? Tired of fighting demons? Sign up with AGM to explore new HORIZONS" (HORIZON is the name for alien planet that replaces hell in freedoom.)
  15. GrnKnght

    Post your Doom textures!

    Might I recommend an ad for AGM? (the fictional company that replaces UAC in freedoom) Maybe something slamming the competition.