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Everything posted by DoomGuy999

  1. DoomGuy999

    Cursed Doom Images

    Didn't notice that. Welcome to doomworld! (Sorry mods i'll try to put a cursed doomworld image in here somehow)
  2. DoomGuy999

    Midi Creation on the go

    Try using online sequencer. It doesn't have the best mobile friendly features but it still has some
  3. DoomGuy999

    Which monster you wanna be from doom 1 and 2?

    Cyberdemon. Heehee face rocket coincident on YT 1,000,000 times
  4. I've been ghosted here all the time. Don't worry. I won't ghost you. Keep making maps and don't lose motivation.
  5. DoomGuy999

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    if the top view is supposed to be something, then I am a complete idiot. What am I looking at?
  6. DoomGuy999

    What is the worst season?

    Well, you voted that summer is the worst
  7. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    well, as much as dmc2 has bad reviews, did it really change from hack and slash combat to something else?
  8. DoomGuy999

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Doom 2. Who doesn't love an SSG? also, how do you take screenshots?
  9. DoomGuy999

    A Question About Keycards

    Do you have slade 3? just go into the texture editor and replace the sprites. I'm not very good with this either, this is my best guess.
  10. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    what's wrong with 2, 4 and 5?
  11. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    what are the 5 characters?
  12. DoomGuy999

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    NO, NO, NO, DON'T DO IT!!! A baron of hell is possessing you!
  13. DoomGuy999

    Geometry dash 2.2 is coming out in october

    Good, I do too. I mean, it's a unique idea to have the normal face jumpscare you.
  14. DoomGuy999

    Make a funny quote.

    "Hey guys, umm, cough cough, fam can I get yo attention please? SKIBIDI SIGMA OHIO GYATT AMONGUS IMPOSTOR FANUM TAX FORTNITE SIGMA GYATT VICTORY ROYALE WHAT THE DOG DOIN RIZZ" -Imp born after 2012
  15. DoomGuy999

    send the most fucked up copypaste you have ever read

    It's not that f**ked up but, hey, from the words of packgod mods forgive me for bumping this thread with this but
  16. DoomGuy999

    Geometry dash 2.2 is coming out in october

    Is there any regrets, or do you enjoy the new lobotomy levels?
  17. DoomGuy999

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    no mercy. You will now. BREAKING NEWS On DoomWorld Attention good citizens of doomworld.com, a great problem has happened. Our own fellow doomers, even some of your closest friends, have fallen to a criminal mindset: "Pineapple belongs on pizza." Now, these people are either trying to blow up the universe or have had a brain disease, infecting them with this outrageous thought. Us doomers want to end demonic invasions - well, if this idea keeps up, we're going to have to fight in a battle. Grab your shotgun, your chaingun, your pistol, your chainsaw, your rocket launcher, your plasma rifle, your SSG, and your BFG, and let's rip and tear through this horde. Doomguy999 out, we'll be back with more news.
  18. DoomGuy999

    Let's design our own fictional cryptids

    Ok then. GEN ALPHA nope just joking smallhand is a cryptid that is known for his small hands seen everywhere. He can pick locks with his bare hands and is in your walls. (Jumpscare) Smallhand is ugly and resembles me. In fact, he is me, just an exaggeration about the lock picks. RUN.
  19. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    From what I've seen, 3>5>4>1>2, and I don't know much about DMC: DMC. Why is four better than 5?
  20. DoomGuy999

    Hello moblie doomers

    Doom on mobile? well, there is mighty doom, and one time i looked up doom free online mobile and i found one with mobile controls - it was painful
  21. DoomGuy999


    ¡Hola, elrasteca! ¡Bienvenidos a Doomworld! Estoy usando un traductor para hablar contigo, y me gustaría que supieras que la mayoría de los que estamos en Doomworld hablamos inglés. Puedes usar un traductor como estoy haciendo yo, o si sabes inglés, es el idioma preferido de este sitio. En realidad sé un poco de español, esas dos primeras frases fueron traducidas en mi cabeza. De todas formas, ¡bienvenido!
  22. I just decided to try it out, and I wonder how many others tried it and what they thought. I just found out it existed and I'm not sure if this is survivable. and if you like it, how can you tolerate circle profile pictures?
  23. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on doomworld light mode?

    Ok, but discord light mode is an abomination - even I know it's bad.
  24. DoomGuy999

    Going Down was a mistake for me

    Maybe play on easier difficulty or actually use different weapons - it's ok to reach your doom skill limit.
  25. DoomGuy999

    Opinions on Devil May Cry?

    So far, after watching all the amazing cut scenes for dmc3 I think I want that one the most with dmc5 in second place. What are dmc4 and dmc5 like?