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Status Replies posted by DoomGuy999

  1. Holy hell, the bots are out in force lately! Spam accounts, spam threads, giant viewcount bloats caused by what is essentially DDoSing with requests.. Between DW's own internal errors building up more and more and the weird spam "attacks" it's such a headache, so please forgive me for being absentee lately. Hopefully things get cleared up soon.

    1. DoomGuy999


      Wow, that is a lot of trouble. Well, it seems like you are doing a good job, because I have yet to see any. 

      New members be like: was that the spam of 24?!!!

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  2. Hello There Doom Community/DoomWorld!

    You do Guys Community, I'm Meeting You Ya'll


    I'm Youtuber On Internet, This Later I'm Return On

    Internet On Social Media Yup Guys

    it is, Please Subscibe or Follow to Supertheshadow

    Please Follow My Social Media You will see Guys :)



    Steam Communityhttps://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198979089117/


    Twitch - "supertheshadow"




    You are Guys, You do Follow me My Social Media

    Doom Community/Doomworld


    See You Later Ya


    1. DoomGuy999


      Hi, thanks for the follow. You probably had done that a while ago but I just noticed. 

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  3. Grungo tip of day: Use bare hands to catch food, it make you feel strong

    1. DoomGuy999


      Good advice, grungo! But where have you been we want more tips of the day.

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  4. gZL9pm9.pngKCMJF76.png3oVFAXm.pngmWVTyQy.pngq4VdPEr.pngIm81nht.pngXTevJzY.pngo83IN3R.png9XSu7MV.pngGfGhzeu.pngZ9uVOTU.pngWLYVjSV.pngGtLOVRC.png



    1. DoomGuy999


      I need context now.


      Does anyone have a brain cell counter? I want to double check I didn't lose any.

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  5. I sincerely hope SHEYDE recovers from their car accident, broken legs and pelvis, liver cancer, drinking problem, mistrust of doctors, mistrust of immigrants, screw overs from their (possibly imaginary) friends and budget issues which FORCED them to steal music.


    Truly a tragic tale cursed upon all great artists, best wishes.

    1. DoomGuy999


      I Agree, I don't know how much he was faking, but I believe he was somewhat innocent. 

      The fact that almost all his threads have been controversial and locked is a shame. I originally thought after seeing his posts:

      "name one post by sheyde x43 that has not been bad'

      I take it back, he has some problems.

      I just hope he gets better and is decent

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