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Posts posted by DoomGuy999

  1. Status Update: I just took a massive step in mapping, i'm not joking. I made a working door without a tutorial. Making doors was a difficult task for me in all my sandbox maps. Thanks to this project I actually think i can make decent maps now. I'm really confident in my map now.


    My door broke and now it's bringing ceilings down with it. I was wondering if any of you could fix this because i couldn't figure it out. You are going to need to use the noclip cheat. When you think you are done, Try opening the first (cyberwar) door from the back, it only works on the cyberwar side. Also, try opening SPCDOOR from the back, because it only currently works from the side you enter the staircase. Next, try opening both doors quickly.


  2. @DoomGuy999

    Selection 1: E6M9 - Shattered Homecoming

    Selection 2: E1M1 - Hangar

    Map 32: Hangar Homecoming


    Side Notes


    Does the resource wad contain sigil II textures? Also, I'm not the best with map info and stuff, if there is a tutorial please show me. I'd want to do a phobos sky. Please ignore my custom title. the last map I actually released was 9 months ago. 


  3. 8 hours ago, MoiraHeart said:

    Not quite yet, sorry, hit a bit of a creative snag.

    It's gonna be called Post-Coitus Mapping Sessions, cause this time I'm not alone mapping ;)

    My braincells are not ready to take on this much pain.

    I'm scared for your pets, if you have any. You'll probably also name them something insane.



    Oh, it's just a sunlust reference. That is slightly more acceptable. I'm guessing you are making a slaughter map, right?

  4. On 3/10/2024 at 2:15 PM, MoiraHeart said:

    Hey, so I've noticed that discord deleted the link. What was I thinking, hosting it there? Anyway, it is now reuploaded to a slightly more reliable hosting, and I made a tiny update that adds PAR times. Have fun and see you next time, in my Supercharge megaWAD, coming Summer '24!




    Do you have a teaser for this wad yet?


    Warning don't read, unless... [Dies before finishing sentence]


    I have a bad feeling about the name. Please DO NOT call it sun lotion on a level 10 gyatt. You don't know what you are doing by naming it that. You could harm all of doomworld.


  5. On 5/31/2024 at 12:44 PM, el macho gaming said:

    I've created my version of Map 03 "The Gantlets" now I'll just list what I added and did:


    -Added minor details in beginning area

    -Made the pit with the powerups larger (because boss man said)


    Now for the extended area:

    -I tried to mimic American Mcgee's linear and cramped design and also I tried to restrict myself with the Map 03 monsters, mostly brown textures and making

    the design around the place look primitive

    - I added a Super Shotgun, Berserk pack, Yellow key (tell me if it's bad to add)

    -I tried to do the "Courtyard style" you wanted, I also added a minature flooded canyon and a minature dam on top of it all


    Here's wad (Also I used MAPINFO in Slade to change the name to the name you wanted (The Gantlets) and changed the par time too):



    On 6/15/2024 at 2:16 PM, Darkcrafter07 said:

    If my map23 is still in charge, there's some MIDI I made like 3 years ago. Now with original source files discovered with correct tempo it could have been done further but yeah, the doom output midi can also be quantized back to its original tempo with "MIDI Transform" tool, it's worth those 15$, well that's for software geeks like me.


    Sorry for not being on doomworld for a few months, i'll sort this out soon.

  6. On 5/26/2024 at 5:00 AM, Taw Tu'lki said:

    In this year the worst season was a spring. Because in the first days of May there was snow. Yeah, snow in May. Some vegetables, berries and fruits were dead. For example, grape. 

    Ok I get your point and all but


    SNOW IN MAY! That's a legendary experience! YOU DARE DISRESPECT SNOW! 


    nah, just get over it. snow is peak, and I would be eternally happy if it snowed in june.


  7. 1 hour ago, syobonthegal said:

    thanks! that was literally my second post btw

    Didn't notice that. Welcome to doomworld!

    (Sorry mods i'll try to put a cursed doomworld image in here somehow)