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  1. superpomme

    Your ST wishlist

    how about...bots...With pants! now theres an idea..http://www.rejects.host.sk/bwb.jpg
  2. superpomme

    Your ST wishlist

  3. superpomme

    ST v0.93b Bug Report Thread

    ok this isnt for the newest ver its for the old hissy edition but i was just playing today and thought i might post a couple of bugs dunno if you have them already. also - pleeeese can we have bots this time for skulltag :) - ok the things which i noticed were - medals show thru the floor, if you are on a raised platform anyone infront and below cannot be seen...except when they get a medal inwhich it suddenly just appears. The other thing was just that the bots dont seem to care about grabbing the terminator sphere when it falls...they fight you for it..and then get bored and walk off unless they run over by mistake. - you probably know them already i just thought id post incase <BR><BR> superpomme
  4. superpomme

    Poll: Symmetrical maps for deathmatch or not?

    hmmm id actually say yes to this - that or quite symetrical - especially when itcomes to capture the flag games - i dont like it when the two bases are very different
  5. superpomme

    in game joining on a lan game?

    i'm running the lan gaming section of my school christmas fair this year and am thinking of setting aside a load of computers to run a doom lan game. love legacy for normal network dm, and i use zdaemon and csdoom for online play, and but wondering - is there any way of setting doom up to have in game joining on a lan game? - a bit like cs doom or zdaemon - they would be perfect but ive tried before - and the school has a firewall up on the net access stoping zdaemon or csdoom from finding their master servers :S help with different ports or with a way of setting up either of those two to run well would be much appreciated - thanx -=- ze pomme -=-
  6. superpomme

    And you thought you were bad with computers!

    there have been many reports of people ringing up the repair guys (and i dunno if they are actually true)after people's electronical "cup holder" on their pc breaking (u know - the one with "cdrw" on it)....:S
  7. superpomme


    hmm - its true it is still warez but its when the company has gone bankrupt or dont care anymore. quaranine was done by gametek which is gone now...so the game just floats...there is a bit of controvosy about wherether or not it is actually legal to offer them or not... check WHY DOES BBG HAVE TO KEEP REMOVING THIS URL WHEN HE CLEARLY STATED THAT ABANDONWAREZ IS STILL WAREZ - one of the best abandonware places "quarantine - doom in a taxi - what more could you want"
  8. superpomme


    quarantine - been playing the game recently and, well its a great game but the res is just a real setback to it - and i was wondering a.how difficult is it to put in coding for added graphics as seen in just about every doom port now and b. is it possible to get the code out of the game as its not actually available on the net is anyof this actually possible - help much appreciated
  9. superpomme


    i already use zdaemon, ide and csdoom launchers but i saw doomserv and all the features look cool...problem is..it wont work. has this gone down ages ago? - does anyone still use? - if not are there any other launchers with a built in chatroom? - or is there and irc room used? thx Superpomme (raaaaa, my name is)
  10. superpomme

    lost site...

    yea this is the one i wanted - thanx
  11. superpomme

    lost site...

    hi i was surfing a few weeks back and i found a site with doom commandments - ie thou shal... anyway, my computer crashed b4 i cud print, can anyone help me with this please?
  12. superpomme


    is it possible that you could build in - for the offline botmatches, a lag option with a changable value (like gravity).. this would be really usefull for us people with slow modems as i find that after playing a botmatch for a few hrs practice before a game, i always end up shooting too late on the internet....
  13. superpomme

    Your ST wishlist

    Hi... first i would like to say that skulltag is my favorite port and therefore eats the peach both metaghorically and physically!!! There are however a few questions or requests that you could possibly reply to? 1. ap poit - for me, the skulltag0.92 download will not run unless i have already installed skulltag 0.91 on already. This means that to show friends i need to download it from elsewhere. Does anyone else get the d=same problem? - if so. then can you put the previous update for download as well 2. could support be added for easily customisable bots (eg as like you set up your won charactor on the player screen. In effect this would be like the unreal bot setup. It must be possible to make a program to do thisd as cajun bot alllows for it? 3. Secondary fire for the weapons - can secondroy fire be added in zdaemon as it is in the new edge engines? 4.Is the newest skulltag file going to include a launcher with the sane kind of effects as zdaemon and csdoom ? - if not please can you make one? 5. can you make abutton to the forum from the siddebar of your site please like linxs etc 6.The last thing thaT i will mention is to aks you whether you would put up a page on the site with links to all of the skulltag numbers for server games oh yea - and that thing about the utlike assault mode sounds cool, could u do it? - if u can i have a good ww1 trench level that would work well with it