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  1. Herbie_handcock

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    well, doom is doom- they prolly had sum regrets about sum of the layouts a few years after making the origonal doom and thought about changes they could have made. for instance, the old doom costume was a guy in a green stretch suit, wut moron would prefer that to the new armor modeling. i mean, y would you even complain about sumthing so irrevelant. and they changed the story a little bit-of course- to a more simple story that is putting you into the more needed view- instead of you recieving a call from scientists on lunar bases- who probably wouldnt have even been able to make a transmision with the hellish experience that happened- you were actually part of the hired guards that the UAC keeps close just incase they do sumtin bad. and it has an ongoing plot now- not just get the the next level, but actually accomplish sumthing, and with this whole idea in mind, they had to start the game from an average work day- not that they thought that half life was so ingenius that they were thinking about doin it the second they saw it. and all of this halo referencing. its not halo- and there is NO connection to halo other than the fact that it is a sci-fi fps. you may say that the buildings look the same- but they dont- the only thing is that they both are placed in a semi-simalar time frame. and any regrets about the super shotgun not being in doom-3 is just stupid. the shotgun is verypowerful as is. and because all the weapons in the game are military issued only- there is only gonna be one type of shotgun because if they made 2 and one type is much better, im sure the military would consider the weaker one obsolete therefore the shotgun you had was the only one in the game.and if that isnt the issue and you are complaining how you "need" the super-shotgun- then you are just weak are too scared without the kinda protection the supershotgun gives. i personally like the new storyline- it makes it a whole lot.... well... helpless. ther are fualts in the game- but i really havent heard any good reasons to rant at all..
  2. Herbie_handcock

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    bollocks!-----? what does that mean?.
  3. Herbie_handcock


    if they already said they arent gonna make one then oh-well. but im sure it would easily be a top-seller. with all the rant pages on this site im sure they can figure what people want outa another game and how to complete the whole hell on earth feel. i would really like to see id make a remake of doom 2, hehe that would be one tight ass game, if they ever make it.
  4. Herbie_handcock

    No liquids? No Swimming?

    hehe, are you just trying to find things to rant about? i mean seroiusly, "WHERE IS ALL THE WATER FIGHTS!!" wtf is up with that, its, mars!. they didnt have any water fights in the origonal doom, and water fights in doom 3 would be pointless. the water wouldnt be very deep, and if it were it wouldnt be realistic, the game is fine without "waterfights" and besides, the surface of mars has the same-" lack of oxygen"- effect as goin through water would. so comon, y do you want them to put that in there anyway? or are you just naming things they didnt put in the game, like unicors and flying hippos.....
  5. Herbie_handcock

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    ok, if anyone really knows the origonal storyline of doom- then there is absolutely no doubt that it is a doom game. i really dont see how you can call it sumthin else. the only real similarity i see to half life is the short beginning, and that is basically it. the rest is pure combat between a tuff ass marine and hell itself.- which is doom
  6. Herbie_handcock


    hehe man the affects are bad- i woke up and my tv was on- and since i have no cable it was just that fuzz- and when i got up to turn it off- i swear i heard the sound of an imp ready to kill. it was all in my head of course... or was it?
  7. Herbie_handcock

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    the game follows through with the story very well- and the only part missing was the mars moon anomalies, but they just put those on the planet itself so that is all good :) i luv the creepy envirenment and the high paced gameplay.
  8. Herbie_handcock

    doom 3 = average

    hehe i agree with that guy.. i mean comon, its a doom game- what do you think was missin, i mean really!!. an besides coming to this forum and ranting is so pointless, its like they are just looking for mistakes most of the time... if your gonna rant at least come up with a good reason, not being that ur graphics card sux or that its too dark and your too scaired
  9. Herbie_handcock

    doom 3 = average

    well there are hell knights- but they are weaker than baron of hell's... in the game they had the same image for them but the hell night looked a little more brown. and it was weaker, and shot red fire balls instead of the classic green, and no im not mistaking imps!!! in doom 3 im not sure really which one they used- hell knight- or baron of hell- but the only thing i know is that it is one of those. but my guess is the baron, cuz in the origonal doom game the only one was the baron. the hell knight came out with doom 2 and final doom
  10. Herbie_handcock

    What is Doom 3???? (A gamers perspective)

    man that was the funniest thing i've read so far. its a doom forum and the dude is talkin bout doowm and then you reply and then almost spontaniously change the subject to falcon 4.0 ...... HAHAHA no offence dude but man you sound like you were thinkin bout that for at least a few hours before you sall this opportunity to bring it up. im sorry i just got a luagh outa that one..hehe hehe
  11. Herbie_handcock

    doom 3 = average

    i am really into the game- the graphics are absolutely phonominal and the whole creepy surroundings give me the whole "on the edge" feel. i hope the game stays this exciting. im in alpha and so far people say there is a baron of hell- thinks for the spoiler!!! but its really scary for me and keeping ammo in good supply is gettin hard- especially with all the baddies comin outa walls and stuff. but the main thing i love about the game is how well it sticks to the origonal story- the only thing i dislike is how they didnt put in the whole phobos, deimos, anomalies. well they might have em- i dunno- but if they dont its a lil disappointing. but with my attitude so far, im sure that there is sumtin ahead that will make me quiver with exitement.