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  1. Makes me want to play Wolfenstein again - I do tend to savescum a bit
  2. JoJo_BadDoom

    Which sector light mode do you use in GZDoom?

    Fullbright only (I have mouse-1 bound to cheat in the light amplification goggles)
  3. JoJo_BadDoom

    St. Anger isn't bad

    I don't like the album, but not because of the production - I kinda like that. Metallica have a problem with songs and / or albums that are longer than they need to be, getting boring as a result. They've had this problem to varying degrees since Master of Puppets
  4. JoJo_BadDoom

    What is your favorite types of Maps ?

    I tend to like smaller maps, not too difficult, but with interesting ideas. They don't have to have perfect combat, maybe they could even be a bit wonky - but so long as there's at least a nugget of an interesting idea, I'll probably enjoy it.
  5. JoJo_BadDoom

    you think blur spheres are spectre eggs?

    make a spectre eat one, that invisibility ain't gonna be partial any more
  6. JoJo_BadDoom

    should i play thy flesh consumed?

    It's a really good episode, and a logical conclusion to the standard Doom 1 gameplay. Absolutely play it!
  7. JoJo_BadDoom

    Does anyone have a way to contact to Zero Master?

    Whoever put that phone out-of-bounds in e2m6 really messed up. I hope someone got fired for that blunder.
  8. JoJo_BadDoom

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    I would have liked it, but the lack of weapons really holds the game back. Sure, there's items to use as well, but it just doesn't go far enough to make the gameplay interesting enough for me.
  9. JoJo_BadDoom

    things in doom that weirdly scared you back then

    Doom on the 32x certainly does have that darker feel, for sure. Even without the messed up music. For me, that "maze" in e1m4 always got me nervous when I was a kid. Kinda pushed me to learn the jump that skips that bit! (that run to the ledge by the yellow key)
  10. JoJo_BadDoom

    What are some sourceport features you can't live without?

    I've had a think about this - I've played around with a good number of Doom sourceports by now. I would like to think I've got a good handle on what works for me as a player. They've all got their positives and negatives, for sure. I'd say in general I prefer a vanilla-ish experience, but I do appreciate the expansion to the Doom formula that more advanced sourceports can give. Overall, I think the following is a list of must-have features, at least as far as I'm concerned: Compatible with doom2.wad
  11. JoJo_BadDoom

    I Have Beat Both Doom 1 And Doom 2 Now

    Hell yeah, good stuff! Maybe give Doom 64 a try next!
  12. JoJo_BadDoom

    Worst official level?

    Narratively, the Caco in e3m1 makes sense. It really hammers home the fact that you're in Hell, by forcing you to plink away at it with your peashooter. An amazing bit of storytelling via gameplay mechanics, courtesy of Sandersen Petersen (the GOATest of all time)
  13. JoJo_BadDoom

    What happens when you push the end-level switch? (Doom 1 & 2)

    Every time an exit switch is pressed, Doomguy melts into paste. Elsewhere, another Doomguy materialises.
  14. JoJo_BadDoom

    Worst official level?

    I'll probably be given the lethal injection for this opinion, but I really don't like the one-two combo of The Pit and Refuelling Base. The Pit just feels like it drags on for me, and Refuelling Base feels a bit too directionless. Combined, these levels are usually where I give Doom 2 a rest. Habitat is average. Nirvana is average. The Chasm is good. But, even I can't defend Administration Centre.
  15. JoJo_BadDoom

    What is your favorite doom midi?

    I really like whichever midi plays on Underhalls. That tune is vibes