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  1. I'm in yahoo chat and some random person IM's me, being a friendly person I chat to them for a while. At one point they suggest trading pictures so we have a basic idea of what we look like. They send first, their file being zipped. Thinking nothing of it I open the zip file and a giant radiation/hazard symbol takes up my screen and a window opens displaying all of the things being deleted. Being paranoid I shut down my computer by pressing the button. Now my computer takes a while to boot up. My sound is a bit messed up too, but that could be because I'm viewing someone's webcam on AOL (it started getting all messed up after their cam window opened). Nothing seems to be damaged or gone...but I think I'll be a little more careful when accepting things from people now.

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      That, sounds really weird. I've never had something like that happen to me, but it sounds pretty odd or scary even. If some giant symbol took up my screen I'd be unable to sleep or look at my computer for weeks.

    3. Danarchy


      Haha, interweb n00b.

    4. dsm


      Served you right j00 naïve dumpo :-P

      Ok firstly, always be suspicious when some complete stranger IM's you - it's typically on yahoo that this happens.
      As late as yesterday somebody with a suspicious screenname IM'ed me asking "anybody there?". My trouble detector went off so I blocked that person.

      Secondly, never accept pictures of the person you're chatting with unless you've 'known' the person for a while and think he/she is trustworthy.

      And lastly, always make sure your chair is bolted securely to the floor when you prepare for a chat so you don't fall off your chair when shit like this happens.