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  1. In all of my stupidity I agreed to let my friends shock my testicles with a cattle prod on film. With my limited knowledge of these kinds of devices I'm wondering two things: 1.) How much this is going to hurt and 2.) If there's potential for permenant damge. If there'll be some kind of permenant damage than I want no part of it. I've been told that it's only 8 volts, which strikes me as odd because I'd figure that it's be more like 10 to 20 thousand volts. Anyone have any advice for me, as far as whether or not this is a potentially life-threatening venture? Particularily people who have knowledge about cattle prods.

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    2. KingKill33


      I haven't the stuff to upload the video to my computer, but I'm saving up for it...so you guys should have the video soon.

    3. Coopersville


      I did this the other day just because you were taking too long. It really didn't hurt more than a cheap shot to the nuts. I didn't post anything because I assumed noone would believe it.

    4. Use


      KingKill33 said:

      Well...I got shocked with it...and it didn't hurt at all. Well, actually it did, just not enough for me to bitch about it.

      Just make sure the next stunt prevents you from ever reproducing.