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  1. I have a flat-screen TV with a DVD player built into it. I was watching a DVD in said player when it started making a very strange clipping sound. Upon ejection, the disk shot out along with it's labeling which had been ripped off. Needless to say I know this isn't good.

    My questions at this point:

    [01.]Is it safe to still use the TV as part of the labeling is still inside of it.

    [02.]I do not have my warranty handy at this particular moment. Is it possible that a warranty would even cover such a thing?

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    2. Technician


      Mr. Freeze said:

      Maybe you shouldn't put Alien 3 in your DVD player.

      HAHA LAME!

    3. Planky


      I had a rental sticker get stuck in an old DVD player. Threw in another with a piece of doublesided tape, ejected it and tada, sticker removed

    4. KingKill33


      Sadly in my case the label was reduced to confetti inside my TV. I have my warranty now so I'm going to send it in to get cleaned out.