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  1. So, I received this about a month ago:

    I actually didn't open it until last week, but I don't really go on MySpace. Anyway, today at work I receive a call from said idiot, threatening me again, only this time in more detail.

    The thing I find amusing about all of this is the fact that he was dumb enough to use his own phone to call my job, and that he was dumb enough to threaten me over the internet, which alone is a felony with a 5 year minimum sentence if I'm correct.

    Even more amusing is the fact that he thinks I fucked his wife, which is what apparently started all the threats in the first place. Sad to say buddy, but I'm not interested in the genital warts she gave you. Oh and I don't have either of their numbers, until he called my job today.

    So at this point I'm a bit puzzled. Half of me wants to call the FBI, and the other half wants me to see what happens if I just let it be.

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    2. 40oz


      Danarchy said:


      Who? Do you know these people?

    3. GreyGhost


      Danarchy's our resident gangsta ass cap buster, I thought everyone knew that.

    4. Sharessa


      40oz said:

      Who? Do you know these people?

      From the Wikipedia (NSFW):
      "The term "Greek love" has long been used to refer to the practice, and in modern times, "doing it the Greek way" is sometimes used as slang for anal sex."

  2. I for the life of me can't figure out what the name of a movie I watched when I was younger is. All I can remember is a few people on a raft going down a river for most of the movie, and the they really didn't want to fall in. If I'm correct, the river killed whoever fell in. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Planky


      Im assuming your Google-fu is failing. I can only think of one, called the river wild (kevin bacon)

    2. Bucket


      I remember a short film called The Raft, which had a killer puddle of sludge hanging out in a lake. It was part of a collection in Creepshow 2.

    3. [name_withheld]


      Yeah, Google was pretty uncooperative with me. I'm pretty sure it was The Raft, judging by the vids I just watched. Thanks!

  3. I have a flat-screen TV with a DVD player built into it. I was watching a DVD in said player when it started making a very strange clipping sound. Upon ejection, the disk shot out along with it's labeling which had been ripped off. Needless to say I know this isn't good.

    My questions at this point:

    [01.]Is it safe to still use the TV as part of the labeling is still inside of it.

    [02.]I do not have my warranty handy at this particular moment. Is it possible that a warranty would even cover such a thing?

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    2. Technician


      Mr. Freeze said:

      Maybe you shouldn't put Alien 3 in your DVD player.

      HAHA LAME!

    3. Planky


      I had a rental sticker get stuck in an old DVD player. Threw in another with a piece of doublesided tape, ejected it and tada, sticker removed

    4. [name_withheld]


      Sadly in my case the label was reduced to confetti inside my TV. I have my warranty now so I'm going to send it in to get cleaned out.

  4. As I'm sure some of you may know from my previous posts, I make a bit of music. This thread is intended for me to receive feedback and criticism on my work, and hopefully become better at it.

    My music is highly electronic in nature, ranging from ambient to hip-hop to industrial to trance to etc. I may have posted some of this music before, but rather than bump an old thread so I could post new music, I figured it would be best to make a new one.

    Anyway, here is the link to aforementioned music:

    The chronological order of the albums goes as such to avoid confusion about what my latest offerings are:
    Rave 'til You Die
    Damaged Beauty

    Feedback is welcome and encouraged! :]

  5. I'm quite sure I may have pink eye. Anyone here experienced this lovely bacterial infection?

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    2. myk


      I had it when I was like 7 or 8. We guessed we caught it from this guy, that was on a wall at our house:

    3. [name_withheld]


      Well, at this point it has been about half a week since I was near my idiot friend, and my eyes aren't bright pink/red or excessively itchy. I'm thinking the irritation my just be from insomnia.

      However, does anyone happen to know how long this thing survives outside of an organism?

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Given that an infection in a living host only lasts <5 days, I wouldn't expect very long.

  6. I'm getting divorced, and it's the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me. To say that I feel horrible would be an understatement. She wants custody of our daughter, too, which just makes it worse. That's what hurts most, too. She won't even let me see her. None of your probably care, but I just need to vent.

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    2. Sharessa


      The Mae of Nays?

    3. Technician


      Does The Way of Maes require abstinence? Cause I could accomplish that.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      No, Maes undergoes that part (in)voluntarily :P

  7. Anyway, I bought this earlier tonight at my local Walmart.

    After getting it home and tearing the packaging apart, I plugged the controller in and started mapping Skulltag to it. Skulltag worked wonderfully, though using a controller was a bit awkward at first. I still need to tweak the sensitivity, but it works great otherwise.

    Now, on to emulators and roms. I tried using the controller with Super Mario World and was disappointed by the lag. Controlling Mario's movement proved very difficult, although jumping and running functions worked flawlessly.

    I really like the controller, it's not too heavy or light, and the retractable cable is a unique perk, but there are some cons. The lag with roms and such was one, and the cable seems VERY frail; just touching it makes the controller unresponsive until it's plugged back in. This seems to be intentional, as the sticker that was wrapped around cable advises that adjusting the length is necessary before play.

    I give it a C. I may actually take it back and get a different one, or just get my money back. In such a case, can anyone recommend a good, lag-free controller? Maybe fashioned a little bit more like a 360 controller.

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    2. exp(x)


      If you're feeling adventuresome, you can splice a regular USB plug to the original Xbox controllers. I use one for zsnes, and it works great.

    3. Sharessa


      deadnail tells me I need to get an Xbox/PSX controller for my computer. It would probably make playing Suikoden easier.

    4. Sporku


      The 360 controller is great for 3D games that require the use of analog sticks, but in my opinion it sucks pretty badly for 2D games, mostly because of the controller's lousy d-pad. While it has a nice feel to it, its control isn't very accurate at all, and I constantly found myself doing things that I didn't really mean to do.

  8. Over the past day or so I whipped up a nice sounding ambient piece in an ancient version of FruityLoops (3 I believe.) It's quite repetitive and has a simple melody. The track lasts around 9 minutes and is roughly 20MB because I notice artifacts in MP3's under 320kbps.

    Anyway, here is the link, let me know what you think:

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    2. Sharessa


      Not bad. Like what you did with the opening track.

    3. [name_withheld]


      I quite like it one, too. I actually didn't even make it for this particular project. We were going to pick through some of the WAY older music I made and remix and remake some of it. However, his death kinda prevented that. :(

      I recorded his vocals and had to edit them together from, like, 10 minutes worth of his baked-out rambling. I don't even remember recording his guitar playing, but it's definitely his playing style and such.

      Originally, I was going to use an alternate intro which I had made specifically for this, but I scrapped it in favor of the one used. It has this haunted house vibe. Imagine the kind of music that would be playing when you get to the clown section of a haunted house, and that would be it. The creepy and aimed at small children sorta thing. The best part of it was the ending, though; everything fades out and all you hear is:

      "...they float, and when you're down here with me, you'll float too!"

    4. [name_withheld]


      Anyone know a file hosting site that won't delete my files after a certain period of time, or if a certain download limit isn't met?

  9. For sometime now my hard-drive has been slowly being sapped up space, and just recently, I noticed that the size lowers when Vista downloads and installs updates. I'm already aware of how to uninstall the updates, but how do I know which ones are safe to get rid of? Are the older ones what I want to get rid of, or do I have to pick through everything?

    1. Bloodshedder


      It is probably creating system restore points whenever it installs an update. Don't uninstall the updates, they're supposed to be installed. Instead, either turn off system restore or turn down the amount of space it is allowed to use.

  10. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v716/dabloodbath/1102081037.jpg

    The metal disk to the left. There's a set of five, all in bubble wrap. My grandmother-in-law received them in a box from a friend and we can't figure out what they are or what they could possibly be used for. They are a light metal with a mirror surface and are slightly larger than a CD.

    Any one have any ideas?

  11. Because I feel the need to brag about my child, I shall do so in pictures. She is a whining, crying, shitting monster, but I love her, and those qualities make her cute.

    After birth, ashamed upon seeing her parents:

    Drinking chocolate milk for the first time:

    Rolling onto her side and being amazed by the camera-phone:

    With her dad, though I wish I could've found a more flattering pic of myself with her:

    And me now, because I am ashamed by my horrible hobo-ness in the previous image:

    At any rate, she is seven months old, and is absolutely beautiful. Though, she cries a lot, but oh well, she's the shit none-the-less.

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    2. Bucket


      Well, at least he didn't say it in the other thread.

    3. Sharessa


      Yeah, I just found it ironic that the two active threads recently are these two. :/

    4. Coopersville


      This thread is now about babies AND Sparta!

      EDIT: After seeing this image and my avatar side-by-side, it almost looks like the baby is making an Ouchface.

  12. http://www.myspace.com/f41754f3messiah

    It seems that I am a psuedo-musician.

    Anyway, I rarely come here due to not having the internet at my home, so I thought I'd swing by and leave something atleast somewhat entertaining. Once I buy a new laptop I'll start mapping for Doom, so look for me to release some maps within the next 6 months to a year. Feedback on the music is also welcome.

  13. And probably a crappy one at that, but oh well, atleast I try. The software used for the creation of my music is FL Studio 6, and in the case of the SlipKnot remix I used GoldWave to dice up the samples and then used FLS6 to arrange them accordingly. Feedback is welcome.


  14. In all of my stupidity I agreed to let my friends shock my testicles with a cattle prod on film. With my limited knowledge of these kinds of devices I'm wondering two things: 1.) How much this is going to hurt and 2.) If there's potential for permenant damge. If there'll be some kind of permenant damage than I want no part of it. I've been told that it's only 8 volts, which strikes me as odd because I'd figure that it's be more like 10 to 20 thousand volts. Anyone have any advice for me, as far as whether or not this is a potentially life-threatening venture? Particularily people who have knowledge about cattle prods.

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    2. [name_withheld]


      I haven't the stuff to upload the video to my computer, but I'm saving up for it...so you guys should have the video soon.

    3. Coopersville


      I did this the other day just because you were taking too long. It really didn't hurt more than a cheap shot to the nuts. I didn't post anything because I assumed noone would believe it.

    4. Use


      KingKill33 said:

      Well...I got shocked with it...and it didn't hurt at all. Well, actually it did, just not enough for me to bitch about it.

      Just make sure the next stunt prevents you from ever reproducing.

  15. Okay, not sure if this belongs here or not, but if it doesn't it will probably be moved. Anyway, I have a few questions about copyrights. For the past several years I've been filming various stunts and whatnot to mass produce and sell. Recently however I've gotten trouble from someone involved with my filming. Now onto my questions. Since some camerawork is not my own will I still able to have it copyrighted to me because it was all being filmed for me? If so, if said person(s) attempt using the things filmed in anyway I do not want them to do I have the right to sue them?

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    2. [name_withheld]


      Good god, the thought of my mom naked makes me want to stab my eyes out with a rusty fork.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      KingKill33 said:

      stab my eyes out with a rusty fork.

      That's a copyright violation right there.

    4. [name_withheld]
  16. I'm in yahoo chat and some random person IM's me, being a friendly person I chat to them for a while. At one point they suggest trading pictures so we have a basic idea of what we look like. They send first, their file being zipped. Thinking nothing of it I open the zip file and a giant radiation/hazard symbol takes up my screen and a window opens displaying all of the things being deleted. Being paranoid I shut down my computer by pressing the button. Now my computer takes a while to boot up. My sound is a bit messed up too, but that could be because I'm viewing someone's webcam on AOL (it started getting all messed up after their cam window opened). Nothing seems to be damaged or gone...but I think I'll be a little more careful when accepting things from people now.

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      That, sounds really weird. I've never had something like that happen to me, but it sounds pretty odd or scary even. If some giant symbol took up my screen I'd be unable to sleep or look at my computer for weeks.

    3. Sharessa


      Haha, interweb n00b.

    4. dsm


      Served you right j00 naïve dumpo :-P

      Ok firstly, always be suspicious when some complete stranger IM's you - it's typically on yahoo that this happens.
      As late as yesterday somebody with a suspicious screenname IM'ed me asking "anybody there?". My trouble detector went off so I blocked that person.

      Secondly, never accept pictures of the person you're chatting with unless you've 'known' the person for a while and think he/she is trustworthy.

      And lastly, always make sure your chair is bolted securely to the floor when you prepare for a chat so you don't fall off your chair when shit like this happens.

  17. After my trip to my anger management thingie today, I have a new little mind game to unleash. Okay, the basic idea; there will be six things, when you read them, write the first thing that comes to your mind. This is pretty much story telling. Okay, below I will specify the six things:

    1.) You're on a path, describe the path.
    2.) You come upon something in the middle of the path, what is it?
    3.) There is water to the left of the path, describe the water.
    4.) There is a bear in your path, what do you do?
    5.) You come to a wall, describe the wall.
    6.) You look over the wall, what is beyond the wall?

    I will return at a later point to disclose my answers and the meaning behind this whole thing. Have fun.

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    2. darknation


      darknation said:

      1) I am on the path to true enlightenment
      2) Upon this path I find a human head
      3) There is water alongside the path. It is wet.
      4) There is a bear on the path. I shoot the fucker.
      5) There is a wall in my way. It is made from dead bear.
      6) Beyond the dead bear continues the path of enlightenment.

      1.) This is your view of life.

      2.) This one is your self image.

      3.) This is your relationships with people.

      4.) This is how you solve problems.

      5.) This is your death.

      6.) This is the afterlife.

      Wait... so I am like an über-monk seeking true knowlage dispite the fact that I am a disjointed human head, my relationships with others could be best discribed as "A bit wet", I solve problems by blowing shit up and my death is going to come in the form of Dead Bears. After which I will be reincarnated into a fucking übermonk and the whole stupid cycle continues for ever and ever.

      That's soooooo deep. If I didn't just want to blow your stupid fucking dead bear head off, I might learn something here.

    3. Janderson


      1.) This is your view of life. ) Suspiciously pirate shaped, ouroboros.
      2.) This one is your self image. ) A grey apple with holes in it.
      3.) This is your relationships with people. ) Archaic, with many skeletons of small rabbits.
      4.) This is how you solve problems. ) Pull out my glock and shoot it in the face.
      5.) This is your death. ) Two feet high with pleasant flowers spelling, NO HOPE.
      6.) This is the afterlife. ) A duck which presents me with a large bill.

      1 2 & 3 are correct.
      4 is ideal. 5 & 6 ... I am interpreting that my death will be a practical joke.

    4. insertwackynamehere


      KingKill33 said:

      After my trip to my anger management thingie today, I have a new little mind game to unleash. Okay, the basic idea; there will be six things, when you read them, write the first thing that comes to your mind. This is pretty much story telling. Okay, below I will specify the six things:

      1.) You're on a path, describe the path.
      2.) You come upon something in the middle of the path, what is it?
      3.) There is water to the left of the path, describe the water.
      4.) There is a bear in your path, what do you do?
      5.) You come to a wall, describe the wall.
      6.) You look over the wall, what is beyond the wall?

      I will return at a later point to disclose my answers and the meaning behind this whole thing. Have fun.

      1. It's long and twisty
      2. A soccer ball
      3. It is yellow and yummy
      4. I give it some yummy water to calm it down
      5. It looks like a wall with barbed wire
      6. More water

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    2. [name_withheld]


      Okay, from now on I'll add links to new art in the first post. How will people be notified that there is new art, though? Will the thread show up as having a new post or what? Also, since I stuck all the links into one post would a mod be able to delete all of link posts after my first one?

    3. [name_withheld]


      Update, see first post in thread.

    4. Scabbed Angel
  18. Sadly, the above title is true. I'm currently on house arrest and spent last night and some of this morning in JJC. Let me explain; I went to my friend Andy's house. We fucked around for a little while until he had to go to school. So he went to school and I went to Kelly's house. Amanda was there, I just sat there watching them wrestle around, poking and groping one another. I don't partake in these things because I'm sort of afraid of doing something dumb, I'm also sort of afraid of them, too. I left around four and fucked around with Andy for a little while and then decided to go home. I told my mom I'd be home before it got dark. I left Andy's before it got dark. I crashed my bike and laid on the ground screaming for about 15 minutes before getting up and trying to continue home. I got home after it was dark out and my mom started bitching. So I screamed back and then I got a knife and threatened to stab and kill her in her sleep. She called the police. I spent most of last night being taken around in police cars as I was transferred from station to station until the cops could figure out what to do with me. Then I eventually made it to JJC where I spent the night and most of this morning until I got out. Fucking laws, fucking parents, fucking anger problems. Now I have to go to counseling. Oh well, with good behavior I shouldn't be gone for too long.

    Go ahead, mock and laugh at me, I deserve it.

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    2. Hobo


      Quast said:

      come again? wtf? that's bullshit. Is that a state law or something? how the hell could this be allowed

      Through a retarded program called "Youth At Risk" that circulates your kid through the juvenile court system because his/her grades/attendance is bad. The problem is this program is for really bad people, like those that skip on a daily basis, do drugs, run away, that kind of shit. It's like probation, if you fuck up, you answer to a judge that sentences you. It also doesn't help the person whatsoever, because you miss a portion of school anyway, and that's what a lot of them are in for. So to sum it up: Shitty grades, poor attendance. Go to court, which makes you unable to go to school and make the attendance/grades even worse. I honestly don't see any good in being locked up like an animal because my grades are horrible. How the hell is does that help my grades?

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      KingKill33 said:

      Yes, I was. I have a couple chunks of my elbow missing, my knee is swollen and covered in abrasions and I've got various bruises. She was more worried about me being late than the fact that I was bleeding all over the place.

      :-/ I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you are recovering well.

    4. [name_withheld]


      I've recovered somewhat. I've still got some swelling and abrasions on my knee, a few of the bruises have gone away, and my elbow is and icky brown color (I'm assuming that the brown is a scab). It hurts to walk and move my left arm (the one with the messed-up elbow), I should be fully healed within about a week or two.

  19. It's a sketch of a dragon...

    The finished version of the previous image...

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    2. [name_withheld]


      A weird creature with a hypodermic-needle for a tongue:

    3. Epyo


      what else would a dragon look like

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Those are cool. :D I like that penguin one, haha, that's awesome. :D

      KingKill33 said:

      The finished version of the previous image...

      Shen Long! :D

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    2. Silverwyvern


      I draw what I feel like drawing I guess.. don't do much erotica anymore... my mojo died I guess.

    3. Sephiroth


      Silverwyvern said:

      only offensive when its nude

      for some reason it wouldn't load, kingkill's

    4. Sharessa


      Knotty? AAARGH

      /me has seen too much beastiality porn to not be oblivious

      Wait, I never said that...

  20. Instead of bumping my other thread I decided to start a new one because I'm a lazy piece of shit.

    Baphomet GFX Logo
    This is a logo for my book of skateboard image designs. I sketch the designs, show them to people, they pick one they like and I put it on their board. Then, there is a transaction; they give me some money and I give them their board with the new image on it.

    This is Rayne from the Bloodrayne videogame.

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    2. Twiztid


      I can't remember if he does or not but if I remember right, Yes he does.

    3. [name_withheld]


      Well, instead of making a new blog thread with art I decided to just add to this one. It seems kind of wasteful to make a new thread for the same topic that this one is. But, then again, I had to bump this thread. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. Oh well...

      Dino Crisis

      Jill Valentine

    4. Job


      Heh, the first of the two looks very, very phallic.

  21. (Sorry if this is supposed to be in the Blogs forum, I'm just not sure if it goes there...)

    Earlier today I found out that the Principal of my former school whom I could give a f*ck less about (Story Here: http://doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13414), has been fired from his job. Why, you may ask? Because he is an intolerant, prejudice nazi. Apparently the fascist piece of sh*t made comments about and to several students that didn't go over too well with parents or other faculty members. Ha ha ha, the rodent-looking idiot finally went too far and lost his job. I knew it was just a matter of time before he did.

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    2. Grazza


      Best thread ever.

    3. Ichor


      ...attempts to summon Shapeless...

    4. Fletcher`


      Danarchy said:

      Hahahaha. High school politics.

      Politics as in a circus.

  22. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/4788387/

    This is an illustration of the wrestler Raven. The link supplied in the previous sentence will serve to you in comparing my drawing to the real person.

    1. Coopersville


      Raven's awesome!

      I was listening to End of Everything when looking at it.

    2. [name_withheld]