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  1. Sadly, the above title is true. I'm currently on house arrest and spent last night and some of this morning in JJC. Let me explain; I went to my friend Andy's house. We fucked around for a little while until he had to go to school. So he went to school and I went to Kelly's house. Amanda was there, I just sat there watching them wrestle around, poking and groping one another. I don't partake in these things because I'm sort of afraid of doing something dumb, I'm also sort of afraid of them, too. I left around four and fucked around with Andy for a little while and then decided to go home. I told my mom I'd be home before it got dark. I left Andy's before it got dark. I crashed my bike and laid on the ground screaming for about 15 minutes before getting up and trying to continue home. I got home after it was dark out and my mom started bitching. So I screamed back and then I got a knife and threatened to stab and kill her in her sleep. She called the police. I spent most of last night being taken around in police cars as I was transferred from station to station until the cops could figure out what to do with me. Then I eventually made it to JJC where I spent the night and most of this morning until I got out. Fucking laws, fucking parents, fucking anger problems. Now I have to go to counseling. Oh well, with good behavior I shouldn't be gone for too long.

    Go ahead, mock and laugh at me, I deserve it.

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    2. Hobo


      Quast said:

      come again? wtf? that's bullshit. Is that a state law or something? how the hell could this be allowed

      Through a retarded program called "Youth At Risk" that circulates your kid through the juvenile court system because his/her grades/attendance is bad. The problem is this program is for really bad people, like those that skip on a daily basis, do drugs, run away, that kind of shit. It's like probation, if you fuck up, you answer to a judge that sentences you. It also doesn't help the person whatsoever, because you miss a portion of school anyway, and that's what a lot of them are in for. So to sum it up: Shitty grades, poor attendance. Go to court, which makes you unable to go to school and make the attendance/grades even worse. I honestly don't see any good in being locked up like an animal because my grades are horrible. How the hell is does that help my grades?

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      KingKill33 said:

      Yes, I was. I have a couple chunks of my elbow missing, my knee is swollen and covered in abrasions and I've got various bruises. She was more worried about me being late than the fact that I was bleeding all over the place.

      :-/ I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you are recovering well.

    4. [name_withheld]


      I've recovered somewhat. I've still got some swelling and abrasions on my knee, a few of the bruises have gone away, and my elbow is and icky brown color (I'm assuming that the brown is a scab). It hurts to walk and move my left arm (the one with the messed-up elbow), I should be fully healed within about a week or two.