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  1. So, I received this about a month ago:

    I actually didn't open it until last week, but I don't really go on MySpace. Anyway, today at work I receive a call from said idiot, threatening me again, only this time in more detail.

    The thing I find amusing about all of this is the fact that he was dumb enough to use his own phone to call my job, and that he was dumb enough to threaten me over the internet, which alone is a felony with a 5 year minimum sentence if I'm correct.

    Even more amusing is the fact that he thinks I fucked his wife, which is what apparently started all the threats in the first place. Sad to say buddy, but I'm not interested in the genital warts she gave you. Oh and I don't have either of their numbers, until he called my job today.

    So at this point I'm a bit puzzled. Half of me wants to call the FBI, and the other half wants me to see what happens if I just let it be.

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    2. Danarchy


      Maes said:

      "Greek style"? Oh no no no, more like "100% American nigga gangstah style".

      Except that's not what they call it, so hah!

    3. sirjuddington


      Maes' avatar has never been more appropriate.

    4. Megalyth


      I've never seen the letter 'u' by itself so many times before.

      - Edit -
      This person is clearly an absolute idiot and you should purge the planet of its presence. Also, I am clearly an absolute drunk and you should ignore everything I say.

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