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  1. Jovian D. Ragon

    Freedoom ost good or bad

    I've only played Phase 2, but so far every song I've heard in it is a banger. I mostly use the zzdenis SC-55 soundfont but I've also used this huge soundfont that someone posted that got deleted because it had some copyrighted samples I guess. Sounded awesome tho. One of my favorites is the song for Phase 2 Map 2 (Filtration Tunnels), although my siilvagunner brainrot keeps expecting it to turn into a This Unstable World cover...
  2. Jovian D. Ragon

    Most interesting/quirky ports? Official or not.

    I really like that one, and it's cool that it's based on Chocolate Doom, but it only supports the classic controller. Whereas this fork of the original Wiidoom supports gamecube controllers, along with basically any form of wii input iirc. Not a big fan of the soundfont it comes with, but downsampling the SC-55 oggs to 32khz and putting them into archive wads works great. Only thing I wish either of them had is splitscreen deathmatch support, as a neat little halftime show to run on stream at my local melee tournaments. :)
  3. Jovian D. Ragon

    Helion - C# ( 11/5/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    Boy am I glad dotnet is on Linux now. I mean, we did have Mono, but that probably wouldn't have made cross compilation as easy. Only thing it gets in the way of now is using this as a base for a console port. ;p (slaughter maps on wii anyone?) Any chance we could see compatibility with voxel doom or the original smoothdoom? The dsdhacked version of smoothdoom is fantastic but it doesn't have all the configuration options the original does.
  4. Jovian D. Ragon

    A yet unnamed new mod using voxels...

    Interesting! I figured gzdoom would take Minecraft-esque models very well.
  5. Jovian D. Ragon

    Helion - C# ( 11/5/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    OH LOL THAT WOULD DO IT! I've been messing around with so many sourceports I probably remembered crouching in Helion when I was actually playing like, nugget doom or vkdoom or something.
  6. Jovian D. Ragon

    Helion - C# ( 11/5/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    I think crouch broke recently, haven't been able to do it as of last night. Yall are updating this quick though, was gonna report a bug I was getting in freedoom about a visible line showing where to walk to open a secret but that got fixed with an update real quick!
  7. Jovian D. Ragon

    Helion - C# ( 11/5/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    ah, actually it seems .ogg soundtrack replacements aren't supported? Unless I'm doing something wrong. I used an archive wad for it.
  8. Jovian D. Ragon

    Rocchetta Plin Plin SoundFont V 2.022

    Hot damn I love the energy this soundfont brings to the songs. Freedoom's music especially goes VERY nicely with this, I was able to get through freedoom's map 7 finally thanks to the sheer hype of this soundfont. Been hard for me to find any that I would take over an SC-55 soundfont but this is definitely one of them!!!
  9. Jovian D. Ragon

    Helion - C# ( 11/5/23 - Goodbye BSP tree rendering)

    Oh now this is sick! Good that it supports pk3 files too. I'm also having issues with fluidsynth but I tend to use prerecorded soundtracks anyway. (except for freedoom, but that could change.) im gonna try out some zany maps in this!
  10. After figuring out how to downsample the ogg music, I'm really loving this port. Gonna be putting it on the stream setup at my Melee weekly if I finish setting up ahead of schedule! Gamecube controller support is really the only thing that feels like it's missing, but if you're hella done with this port I totally get it.