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  1. - You are breaking the law if you leave a mannequin naked in a store window in New York City.

    - It is illegal to quack like a duck in the city of Stark, Kansas.

    - In London, England, it is unlawful to kiss in a movie theater.

    - Sleeping in your day clothing is against the law in Boston, Massachusetts.

    - In Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan, a man can legally acquire a wife by exchanging his sister for the woman he wants.

    - A Pennsylvania law once stated that a husband could not beat his wife after ten o’clock at night.

    - In England’s north country, a miner has a common-law right to take his wife to market for sale with a halter around her neck.

    - In Saudi Arabia, if a man does not keep his wife supplied with coffe, she can divorce him.

    - Donald Duck comic books were banned from libraries in Finland because authorities felt that it wasn’t good to show children a hero who ran around without pants on.

    - In Sweden it is against the law for parents to insult or shame their children.

    - It is taboo, or forbidden, for Greenland Eskimos to mention their own names.

    - In Wisconsin, it is against the law to feed margarine, rather than real butter, to prisoners.

    - In Michigan, a fourteen-year-old can sue his parents for the right to wear his hair long.

    - New York City horses are entitled by law to a ”cofee break.” For every two hours of work, they have a fifteen minute break. And if the temperature goes above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, they get the day off.


    This is taken from one of my books appropriately titled "It Is Illegal To Quack Like a Duck".

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    2. Ultraviolet


      dsm said:

      But since you're insulted by this

      I don't think he *really* was.

    3. dsm


      Ultraviolet said:

      I don't think he *really* was.

      Heh, better safe than sorry ;-)

    4. BlueSonnet


      dsm said:

      - In London, England, it is unlawful to kiss in a movie theater.