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  1. This noon at 0917 my sister-in-law (not really, 'cause they ain't married yet, but it sounds better to call her that :-P) gave birth to a 50 cm tall girl (I assume it's the baby girl's height anyway).

    Mother and daughter are both ok and hopefully they won't find any problems with the baby.

    Tomorrow, I'm gonna say hello to the new recruit of the family :-)

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    2. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Congrats man :)

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Congratulations :D

    4. dsm


      Got to see her today - weird experience, especially considering that all she was doing was sleeping and we kept staring at her for more than half an hour :-)

      It was fun to watch the weird facial expressions the little one made in sleep. Another fun thing her mother told me was that she seems to have a very active sixth sense; whenever visitors are coming, she falls asleep just prior to the arrival of those guests - I take it she doesn't like strangers :-P

      Uncle dsm, can I have five dollars? :P

      I don't have any dollars - how about five kroner?

      Congratulations. You should make a decent uncle. Or a fucked up one.

      It struck me today that even if I make a fucked up one, she's still in capable hands, because her mother is really good with kids. Still, I hope I'll do a decent job as her father's brother.