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  1. I have to admit I've had a few wacked out dreams from time to time, but I haven't before felt the urge to share 'em. Usually, I don't recall enough details anyway.
    But this here dream...it's just funny somehow. I'll tell what I can remember:


    I don't remember the details of the first part, but I think it was one of those "I'm inside DOOM" dreams. I'm playing DOOM, only I'm actually moving inside the game world. I'm dodging monsters (don't recall if I shoot any) and basically my objective is to get to some sort of tower building.
    Basically, the "level" seems like a heavily souped up map30'ish (Doom 2) place, except much, much larger with "tiers" with lava/blood pools to traverse and narrow walkways and shit.

    I somehow get there and this marks the first change of the dream:

    I find myself in a barricaded room inside the tower, together with the pathetic remnants of huddling human survivors (families and assorted people). It's interesting to note that the environment is like taken straight out of the game (textures, glass-less windows etc.), yet I feel like it's a real environment because I can smell the air, feel gusts of wind and the humans seem like real humans.

    The other people are not people I know in real life, but in the dream I know them personally - I care for them. They're virtually defenseless as they huddle with their kids, cry and whimper and basically appear really pathetic and weak. And through the glass-less windows, we can see the demons gather for an attack on this tower (the demons are classic DOOM demons - they look like in the game).

    I realize, I'm the only one in this group who can at least stall the demons when they attempt to overrun us, so I prepare my weapons: I sling a machinegun and a shotgun over my shoulders so I carry them on my back (both weapons are - get this - the DOOM 3 versions!) - then I lift a beefy chaingun (also the DOOM 3 version) off of the floor. The chaingun feels like a big, badass gun (and it feels like an actual weapon), yet it's light. It feels like it's made out of lightweight plastic.
    At first I have a bit of difficulty getting the right grip on the huge gun, but I soon learn and it rests well in my hands. I remember that I need to have a lot of ammo readily available because I figure that once the demon rush sets in, I won't have time to reload, so I attach the cartridge belt dangling from the chaingun to a succession of ammo boxes with chaingun cartridge belts (linking the belts together) so that when I'm done, I basically have enough ammo to mow down the entire invading Allied forces of the Normady beach landing during WW2.

    I can hear the demons gather - I know they're coming very soon. I feel tense, nervous, but I'm not sure if I'm really afraid. I'm worried about the demons overpowering me and then slowly gutting me or otherwise torturing me, but I feel confident that I can end my own life in a painless way should I run out of ammo (I feel confident that I can keep them out as long as I have ammo - I mean, I have a fucking minigun dammit!). Aside from the nagging worries, I am kinda excited about the prospect of mowing down scores of monsters. In my mind, I see waves of possessed soldiers, imps and pinkies collapsing in their own insides and blood before me).

    Then the attack sets in. The barricades are being hammered on and they slowly budge. As the barricade falls, I grit my teeth, all ready to unleash the wrath of the chaingun, I can feel my heart pounding and the adrenaline rush.

    Nothing happens.

    Then a few measly bugs, yes fucking BUGS, crawl in. They're oversized and colourful (like e.g. a blood red ant at least ten times the size of a regular ant, but still small and somehow non-threatening). I fire at them, because I suspect foul play (I don't remember exactly, I just opened up), and surprisingly enough, I can actually HIT the damn bugs. The chaingun flattens them - a single ant survives the hail of bullets, but is left wounded and immobile, so I squash it with my boot.

    Then "the assault" ceases and we somehow know that there are no demons anywhere. The other survivors cheer, but I am left feeling both relieved and dissapointed as I had looked forward to at least getting some satisfying zombie kills.
    The demons were apparently dispatched back to Hell because the Doomguy killed the Icon of Sin or something (I assume, 'cause the dream never explained where all the demons went - applying any logic to a dream is usually challenging if not impossible)

    And this is where things change entirely...

    I'm no longer actively in the dream, just passively watching as I see a bunch of wayward terrorists showing up and doing some killing (my memory here is rather hazy). I somehow know that the terrorists have risen in the wake of the events described above and I somehow just think: "Sick bastards - how can they do that!? Humanity is almost totally extinct and yet these fucks KILL people!?". I see that some sort of faggot elite force tries to intercept the terrorists (they're dressed like male strippers in sailor's clothing - somehow this seems faggot-like to me), but the terrorists are way too smart and ambush the poor special forces dudes and brutally kill them off.

    I realize that I'm looking at a trailer of sorts - a trailer of a game taking place after Half Life 2 which sorta combines Half Life with Counter Strike. There's a narrator talking about those damn terrorists (don't recall what he says, but it's probably something about the terrorists being unstoppable) and I see a bunch of armoured vehicles with terrorists on them. Then suddenly two armoured vehicles explode - it looks like a wind swipe just made them explode but it turns out that it was Gordon Freeman with a rocket launcher blowing them away. Gordon blasts yet another two APCs (I like how his rockets can kill TWO vehicles with one blast), before the other vehicles hightail it.
    Then I hear animal-like snarling and a beefy, blond guy with a crewcut and a rocket launcher rushes out from behind a fence nearby and rushes at Gordon who blasts him twice with his rocket launcher (I swear, this sequence looks like something that could've been made from Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project), but blondie is sort of like a boss, because he just shrugs off the explosions (no doubt he took damage, because he flinched briefly and lots of blood came off him).
    Anyways, Gordon has used his last rockets up, so he engages in cheesy martial arts combat with Blondie, kicking him in a swimming pool (don't ask!), but Blondie climbs up and they fight some more. Gordon gets beat up quite a bit, but is smarter and lures his enemy into a number or traps and dishes out a few kicks and punches from time to time.

    The dream ended before the fight reached a conclusion, but I think Gordon would've won since he got a head start with two rockets to Blondie's face :-]

    I dunno what exactly this dream means, but perhaps I should get my head examined :-P

    1. BlueSonnet


      I had an even crazier dream the other week.

      I dreamt that i was playing Splinter cell (I've seen screenies and some footage but haven't played it yet). Like your dream it felt like i was in the game and not just playing it. In any case i was on top of a building, a hotel about noon time. That was my starting point of the new mission i had in the game. The crazy thing was that i didn't know what it was, either i forgot or it wasn't announced. So i decided to have a stroll around the level, get to grips with the controls. Rather than try my stealth, i decided to try out my ass-kicking skills, and chose a guard and a civilian as the punching bags.

      Ironically the pair of them kick my ass instead, largely as i didn't know the controls. my character was jumping about and kicking (at the wrong times) and soon i was force to leg it as they called in re-enforcements. After i got away from them i sneaked my way into a hotel room, i then discovered what my mission was (wait for it). My mission was to assassinate Mary-kate and Ashley as they walked past my hidden character (and i'm like WTF?!?). Don't remember anything after that bit.

      I guess it's a relfection of the fact that i hate a lot of what TV has to offer.

      Other than that i did have a doom dream recently. I recall shooting a doom 3 imp, then a zombie came by to bury it out of respect, then the zombie tried to attack me, i was about to blow it away when i woke up. Another barmy dream no doubt.

    2. Bucket


      The other night I dreamt that my girlfriend was in the living room naked and about to slit her wrists. She wanted me to join her so it would be a ritual. I told her "No, maybe you can find someone else who wants to ruin everything else they've worked for." I pointed to some guy passed out on the couch with hypodermic needle in his arm. He woke up and said, "So-- you want to carve yourself up, potato boy?"

      So now "Potato Boy" is my new slang for a suicidal Goth freak.

    3. Ralphis


      rofl wtf Numbermind.

      Anyway...I hope they replace Xen with terrorists in HL2.