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  1. Ok, this is just plain strange.

    Background info: My nose sucks. It has a really nasty habit of starting bleeding at the slightest provocation during some "seasons". I will go through months where nothing's wrong and suddenly, my nose will start bleeding if I as much as touch it or even if I just drink from a fucking bottle. It's really insane.
    Today..or should I say, yesterday (friday 13th) I had three fucking nose bleeds at work.

    But on the bright side, I got Doom 3 today and WHAT A GAME!

    Anyways, what this blog is really about:

    A little while ago, I was playing through the Alpha labs of Doom 3 for the first time - got the chaingun and apparently it and a few other awesome moments got me so geared up on adrenaline and tensed up that my freaking nose started to bleed. It started bleeding so aggresively (out of both nostrils) that I had to stop playing (stuffing my nose withcotton wool couldn't keep it in as it bled right through).

    Goes to show how tensed up you get from playing Doom 3.

    I just want to add in closing that Doom 3's blood looks fucking real.

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    2. iori


      I used to bite my nails, but then I realized what a horrible, disgusting, hideous habit it was, and abruptly stopped.

      Now if only I could stop picking my nose and scratching my ass...

    3. DooMBoy


      I bite my nails a lot, it's a habit that's hard to break.
      As for a bleeding nose, mine used to bleed every other morning last summer, but not so this year.

    4. dsm


      BlueSonnet said:

      Good grief. Some people are bitching about graphic cards and computer speed, whilst dsm is bitching about his nose.

      Bitching? I wouldn't call it bitching. It's an example of why I think Doom 3's as great as it is. If a game is so tense that it can get my nose bleedin', it's a sign that it's very well done.

      Ah well, i hope you enjoy the game. :)

      You bet. Best Id game since the original Doom (though I'm not actually sure I think the game's as good as the original yet - I keep getting reminded of things I'd have wanted differently in Doom 3)!