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  1. MyStiKaL_BiOn

    Wolfenstein 3D

    How come Sleepy_boy keep's calling you prich?
  2. MyStiKaL_BiOn

    Worst Boss Battle (ever?)

    Hate Quake? You must be a newbie or loser skilled player at the game if your saying that ;/.....Doom is just as mad original as Quake 1 is....But Quake 2 on the other hand is a different story :)
  3. Don't forget to add some Damage floor avoidance for bot's so they won't just hop around in them.
  4. I thought you already knew.
  5. If you can't understand it then get a damn language translator..........
  6. MyStiKaL_BiOn

    Aint skulltag called Doom XP?

    If you say so.
  7. MyStiKaL_BiOn


    Man what the hell is you, talking about??? 2 ending's?? There's *MORE* then 2 ending's, I got 4 different ending's the way how you play the game is the way different ending's will come about in the end...........
  8. MyStiKaL_BiOn


  9. All of them sound's tight ^_^. Like i said: The more, the better. :)))
  10. Damn if he put's these in, then there will be more bot programming and waypointing and etc to be done. And Skull Tag will be delayed even more(Oh well the more the better ^_^)
  11. MyStiKaL_BiOn


  12. MyStiKaL_BiOn

    its the end of the year...

    Don't worry about it Adam, It will be here soon and it will be well worth it. :-)
  13. MyStiKaL_BiOn

    its the end of the year...

    Carn must have alot on his shoulder's but we should recieve word from him sometime soon...
  14. I understand that since he has a big wishlist to accomplish with and some such to add and bug's to fix :D
  15. Check his site he said he was going to release it at the end of the year.......But then again this one might get delayed as well as the last one :(((