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  1. dust0x614


    oh lol...I hadent checked that forum yet I went to the mod one first cause I figured..mods.
  2. dust0x614


    This may sound really dumb but...where is this editor you use to make maps? How do I get to it?
  3. dust0x614

    Strange sound problem

    I have the same problem. Anyone know whats goin on? Specs are: P4 2.53 ghz 1 gb ram radeon 9700 128 mb Ive already beat the game once and everything runs fine except that little annoying problem
  4. dust0x614

    easter egg, anyone see?

    Did anyone see the easter egg at the part near the end when you get to the room with the 3 tablets set up and a enemy spawn thing next to it. On the first tablet it shows the box art for the first doom game. Pretty sweet eh?